Durgama Takeover


Seeking info

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Combined Army
VS PanOceania

... Restabilishing secure connection with the EI...

My Lord! While we were raiding an armory to resupply and to sabotage the humans we were discoverd. Even with our best infiltrator effort to slow down our enemies and our TAG trying to breach into the armory with the help of our hacker and engineer, we where stopped with too much ease. We lost immediately control of the Taigas and we don't know what happened to them, both our speculo agent, were discovered and killed and our Sphinx was too compromised to be recovered. Our caliban engineer was able to take out an enemy inquisitor with equipment that could easily see trought our disguised, so we are already attempting to infiltrate new agents.
Even if we had to retreat from the battle WE ENDURE and will win the war!
For the glory of the EI and its Combined army!!!

... end of secure communication....

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