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Patrolling 2

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VS Combined Army

As all my other BR sorry for the errors and for the (maybe) bad quality of the pics.
Me and my opponent played The Armory (Cameliard edition) at 300 points.
I won Initiative and knowing I was against Shas decided to go first, my opponent side and to deploy second.

My classified
Initiative rolls
My deploymet
Opponent deployment, from the top (excluding camo) Victor, 2x Thaiga, 2x Ikadron
Speculo and mine x2 near my DZ

NCA turn 1

He removed 2 orders with a command.
Having to deal with 2 speculos I tried at least to take care of the easiest one so I sacrificed the hidden deployment of my Swiss guard and move it to see the enemy silhuette, but wasn't able with the first movement: doing this I triggered the mine that was placed there to slow down my FT core, and dodged it with ease.I moved again and seeing no reaction from the impersonator I decided to discover succeding! I activated my HI again this time declaring discover + shoot and the enemy this time tried to pop a smoke granade, only to receive a missile in his face killing her.

Swiss dodging the mine
Swiss discovering the Speculo

Now was time to try to take control of the room and to try to keep it! I activated my core (Aquila + Bolt Hacker + Black Friar w/ multi rifle + Machinist Bolt + Shona) and with a pair of order was able to arrive to the door and opened it with my HI. Now the Aquila and the engeneer stayed outside while the rest of the FT went inside: Shona opened the chest and found some boots of speed, opened a panoply, not having any reaction from a camo token, upgrading his mov to 8-4 while the bolt his armor to +1. The latter went to an angle of the room and placed a E/M mine. With my last order I activated the auxbot on my left that detonated the other speculo's mine not surviving.

Aquila FTO opening the Armory's doors
The room at the end of my first turn

Shas turn 1

The Taigas actived moveing forward one dying in its impetuos order the other in his irregular while trying with in vain to wound Shona with his chain colt. Now Messer had to use 2 order to place a white noise to the door of the armory closest to the enemy DZ. Now I knew there was something in Hidden deployment, but I wasn't expecting a Sphynx!!!!

a s6 silhuette appears

The Tag moved quickly to try to take care of the friar throught the white noise, but got only a wound in return (he forgot my troops had sixth sense, he tried the same this time going in total cover, but with no results in both side.
He activated the speculo moving to the ground floor being descovered once by the Aquila; she proceed to move in the room unseen and to place a mine (right behind the aquila and the machinist) and reimpersonate and recamuflaged with the Sphynx. With his last few order he activated a prone marker and entered CC with the friar but both critted.

Speculo placing a mine
The Armory and its surrounding at the end of round 1

NCA 4 - Shas 0

NCA turn 2

I activated my core sacrificing the black friar to discover automatically the enemy tag: My MI exploded in tiny pieces thanks to the Caliban's D charges. The Aquila penetrated the armor of the tag hitting probably the core or the tank of the flamethrowers because it exploded (4 hits with one crit all AP round and he rolled no saves).

Aquila destroying the misplaced TAG with 1 volley of Multi Marksman Rifle's AP rounds

Meanwhile my swordmaster in the room tanked a pulzar shot of the caliban engineer. Now the Aquila returned to the door of the armory and took care of the shaasvati engeneer this time taking a wound. Than the last two members of my core outside of the central room entered and opened both a box: the machinist found a DA CCW while the Aquila a +4 Arm (LOOK MOM! I AM A TAG NOW!!!!)
With my last few order I activated my haris that discovered and got to unconscious the Speculo.

My haris trying to take care of the speculo

Shas turn 2

The speculo regenerated (!!!!!). Victor Messer, while moving towards the armory, immobilezed both my aquila and my bolt hacker, but the first resetted while the enemy was hacking the other. With a few order he tried to fry my aquila with an Ikadron double lft but the armor of my HI was like fireproofed. The speculo lunched an attack to the only member of my haris that had lof (my fusilier) but they both missed.

NCA 6 - Shas 0

NCA turn 3

I activated my Aquila and killed Victor with a pistol and procedeed to make my classified failing once. Than my rem after killing the evil impersonator advanced and one was in SF looking inside the room, the second joined my Fireteam core.

Shas turn 3

My opponent was in retreat.

NCA 10 - Shas 0

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