Durgama Takeover


Morat Raid; Massacre at the ammunition & Supply module

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VS Combined Army

(This mission is a direct continuation of the battle report “MORAT RAID AT FIRE CONTROL UNIT”, same day)

We got ourselves beaten and forced to a defense position. The morats were relentless and the situation was a bit desperate.
In a warehouse in the ammunition and supply module our troops we took refuge. As some of our moderators took the wounded ones away;
Lieutenant kusanagi formed a defence line to block the path of the enemy the access to the emergency escape doors;
as the weapons got refilled and a cool breeze chilled the back of everyone.
The warehouse opened the emergency supply system…too far away, in the middle of what was gonna to become the battlefield.
The injured critical module staff (hvt) was standing close to the center itself. Ge

They dropped Remote units over the hanger lifter, an Q-Drone, an M-Drone and a E-Drone;
as the Kaitoks and Suryat from the last battle walked in with a morat vanguard support team; and two wormlike creatures.
as the Suryat fire team and drones opened fire; and the heavy machinegun echoes muted every voice in the warehouse,
Our troops shoot back without luck. The bullets chew the structural neosteel, and debris flew along hellfire;
our other sin eater and riot grrl team fell down injured.

I dont know why…
maybe she was angry.
maybe she was scared.
maybe she wasnt really there…
but lieutenant kusanagi didnt move as she shoot
she didnt move as she got shoot.
she didnt move as the reverend moira sister Alicia screamed her to fall back.
she didnt move as she dropped wounded to the ground, shooting at the air to invisible enemies.
Our troops panicked as the moderators paramedics took the liteunant away to the emergency exits in a pool of blood; nobody knew what to do. Nobody
except the Morlock Argos…And he died soon after the sniping drone blew his jaw appart.
The backup chimera tried to blockade the enemy with eclipse grenades; failed, rushed and got shoot in the head.
The war journalist tried to move away from the enemy fire, as she flash pulse the enemy drones; a bullet rip a good chunk of his shoulder
Eliza, the paramedic rushed to help but got teared appart by the Q-drone as she trew the medikit to the fallen journalist with her last breath.
The medikit didnt make it to the choosen destination.
She died for nothing.

Then, the morats begun their dread march; as the slave drones took the weapon cache; the rhythm of the marching
war behemoths crushed the souls of the remaining survivors…and their weapons would crush their bones.
Jazz made a run to the weapon cache, tried to grab the injured staff to safety and got shoot her in the back.
They overwhelmed sister Alicia and finally, took down Billie, the remote with a muffled bang.

The second squad got whipped out…no survivors
Their sacrificed themselves to allow the wounded ones to live.
We will avenge them.

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