Durgama Takeover


sweeping kusit human scum

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Combined Army
VS Nomads

incoming transmission…
Sumi na Ze Hamak, rut proceed to detail ammunition and supplies module opperation.
as we receive orders to clean to ashes kusit nomad crap and take everything would serve to ensure raveneye control.
proceed to eliminate sa-bewat nomads security conformed by one crap-eater and one riot-chik, supported in land level by Kusanagi’ass and believer-Moira.
our main kurtad conformed by suryats Gaurk’s Hmg , kaitoks Reterek and Sorek ‘s flammesespearses, vanguards Treghrek and rut Basek Nokhrat. Cross Gaurk’s bullets with crap-eater ones, ignoring Riot and others, till Eater fall, proceeding to continue with Riot and for last Kusanagi.
after clean field, proceeded to give assistance the magnificent Q-drone to respond to the nomad’s retribution.
the nice Ur-toy, Q-drone, performance gloriously, without walls to intervene, kills moderator parapatethic who intend to heal some asses, continuing with quimera despite her land an eclipse cloud. after this morloc enlarge cloud corridor with his own smoke while saving from Q-dron shots. Jazz take advantage from this passage to reach midfield, parapeting and protecting zone with her hacking skills. after this morloc fall trying luck facing to Q-drone.

after nomads survivor intents, our kurtad run to hunt them headed by Gaurk, first move throught lanes reaching Jazz’s back riddle them to death. continuing, Reterek shower moira in chainrifle’s lead. and at last with Lt-rights, i, Nokhrat, kill his last scum, billie. cleaning sector from this kusit humans.

Basek Nokhrat, vanguard morat postulant to Desek rank. raveneye, port battery. Durgama Raid.

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