Durgama Takeover


hunt for blackbirdeye

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Combined Army

incoming transmission…
Sumi na Ze Hamak, Basek Nokhrat, vanguard, reporting in Ze Desek Garnakh name.
operation consists in discover key civilians and eradicate them.
first moves go executed by our tarlok kurdat corfomed by feuerbach Kaitoks Reterek y Sorek, hackers yaogat Beksorat and dartok Ratkortag, and Ze Desek Garnakh suryat. moving at nearest console and trying to activate it, under Beksorat puny intents. anyway, we go ahead leded by Sorek’ feuerbach to kill some kusit humans. first blood taked from one motorized sworded guy, jojimbo they cry, funy guy try to smoke sorek’s msv face.
our main kurdat continue his reaping march leded again by Sorek but this time, after several intents to kill a ryuken guy and a scythe wielding motorized chik, Sorek reach morat glorious destiny. Anyway, Reterek’s feuerbach take head and, first killing scythed girl continue by ryuken one, acomplishing Sorek mission.
Then, while Ratkortag active one console, detecting main civil to die, the remaining kurdat take positions to respond againts this kusit humans.
after position was taked by main tarlok kurtad, oznat’s hungries leded by Anjat, brings death to civil objetive, ramming both gakis them.

so, humans retributions begins. their actions begins with oniwaban lash out from dark to beat Ze Desek Garnakh to morat end. oniwaban vicious actions don’t stop here, trying to beat Reterek, reach his end riddled by Beksorat and Ratkortag heavy pistol shots.
kusit humas continued his operations, remainning motorized hacker troop, aragoto, tryed to reach consoles, reaped by Reterek’ feuerbach.
Despite to aragoto’s death, farest Ryuken move to clean out Anjat’s troupe. worthless effort contrarrested by nearest Gaki’s keen senses, whos catch and eliminated them with his explode skills.
while his Ryuken mate fall under gaki’s explode, midfield Ryuken move to land a central console mine, and finaly die by Reterek’sight.
Finally, embracing his destiny, jsa’ forces retract, leting us all objetives at our will.

Basek Nokhrat, vanguard morat, Desek rank postulant. raveneye port battery: portfire control module. Durgama’ orbital domain, concilium prima.

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Combined Army

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