Durgama Takeover


The last bastion

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VS Combined Army

Sorry for bad english, the bad quality of the pictures and that the pictures are randomly placed, but I am uploading from my phone; I will adjust them when I will have time, but now I want to upload the battle before is too late.
I won initiative and decided to go first.
I used a command to take out an additional troop. Then in my 2nd part of the deploymet I successfully infiltrated 2 of my Locust.
My opponent used one of his command to take away 2 of my orders
NCA turn 1
I activated the 2 infiltrated locust and both of them placed their wildparrot so that it would hit most of his fireteam. Than the last locust overlooked outiside his door to see his ikadron and shoot. The Ikadron tried to flash pulse but doing so it triggerd both the e/m mines that isolated everybody that was hit. The locust inside the garbage bin came out and placed one of his D-charge on the AC2 unit destroying it. With my last few orders I coordinated the locust moving them and going in suppressive fire.

Onyx turn 1

My opponent declared that he was in loss of lieutanant (I isolated him). The kurgat nearest his fireteam deisolated most of his companions (himself, Kerr-Nau and the nexus lt.) thanks to his veteran order.
The Maakreep HMG started a firefight only against my fusilier msr and died miserably.

PanO turn 2

The Fusilier Paramedic with 6 order was able to stay mantain the fireteam and to open a panoply taking out some granades (....) and with the other orders went back to his original position more or less

Onyx turn 2

The Kurgat with the autocannon tried to take down the locust in the building but died horribly and my opponent decided to concede

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