Durgama Takeover


blackbirb cature

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Combined Army
VS Ariadna
Lev Yashin

(mission: frontline)

incoming transmission…
Sumi na Ze Hamak, i Beksorat proceed to detail opperation, consistent in take control of the module. first gakis take place at midfield roofs, waiting for more orders.
now, the main actions of operation take place. striking with our main kurtad conformed by feuerbach kaitok Krakhret, vanguards Treghrek and Nokhrat forward observer, panzerfaust yaogats Gorhkej, our operation LT and me, Beksorat. we move leadered by Krakhret fuerbach at a midfield roofnest, where Krakhret cross shots with a veiled Cateran sniper, who fall as abrupt as he apper. followed in same spot agains traktor mul at crossfield, shoting them untill disapear.
continuing, secondary kurdat conformed by feuerbach kaitok Reterek, kurgat Hujak and rindrak Boltraj, advance taking position at midfild rooft. followed by ikadrons reposition.
first enemys retributions go with Uxia’s speculative granades agains Gorhkej, who dodge, moving necesary distance to put on sight Uxia’s ass. followed this, an paracomando apper from nearest flank, faceing Gorhkej, falling as puny human bitek. taking action, Uxias try to kill Gorhkej, who endure the impacts and run from Uxia, as a kusit bitek.
in the other side of the module, scotguard run to face rindrak, who endure scot’ shots, while nearest gaki dodge to reach scotguard ass. now scot face gaki’s claws, winning, anyway, as the fun toy gaki is they explode reaping scotguard. meanwhile varegian advance to reposition, left back access point.

remaining gaki take run to face advanced varegian, while both sucefully strike, varegian endure but gaki go unconscious, exploding en killing varegian.
meanwhile Qdrone try unsucessful to kill Uxia. Taking action, main kurtad face uxia leadered by Krakhret, while uxia’s boarding shotgun responce, striking Gorhkej to inconscious and Krakhrat, who endure. while uxias survive kurtad actions, forcing to face again, then Uxias dodge reaching nearest vanguard, Treghrek. excluding Treghrek from kurdats, group take actions to approach, and at last, reforming group assaulting, surrounding Uxias and beat them up to death.
now without worrys, remaining kurdats run for hunt of volkolak, where Krakhret kill it. after that, go now for remaining rokots, where Krakhret find morat glorious destiny faceing all of them. to finally ni-wori kusit humans, Nokhrat reap a rokot from his back, followed by face nearest one of remaining and finally hunt for last one.
finally to ensure control of platform module, take escene both of two dropsuits Taryot.
enemys forces sight in clear disadvantage, run as bitek-kusit humans.

Desek Beksorat, yaogat infantery. raveneye port battery: portfire control module . Durgama’ orbital domain, concilium prima.

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