Durgama Takeover



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Combined Army
VS Nomads

…incoming transmission…
Sumi na Ze Hamak, here Ze Desek Garnakh, suryat infantry, at ammunition and supplies module, consistent in clean kusit humans.
operation open through Daturazi Zharkagh smoke in front of Yaogat Beksorat, veil them from enemy sight. done this, main kurdat enlisted by feuerbach kaitoks Reterek and Sorek, panzerfaust yaogat Beksorat, paramedic vanguard Nokhrat and rut, HMG suryat Ze Desek Garnakh, reposicion and reap enemy’s ML riot chik and moderated sniper from roofs with Beksorat’s panzerfaut shots.
Zharkagh go again smoking way, granted cover from enemys sight, so the kurdat move and shot, this time Sorek shot throught smoke to kusanagi without results. later, Zharkagh again advance and smoke the path, so now Sorek take position and shot to Taskmaster guy, who dodge running away from Sorek. anyway, Sorek hunt them to death with his powerfull feuerbach.
after taskmaster fall, Beksorat take kurdat leadership, repositioning back to cover and shoting his panzerfaust through smoke at Kusanagi, blow up in enemys lair.
now taking leader rights, i, Garnakh, run out HMG blowing moderated parapathetic.
Sorek take move an achieve actions agains enemy’s HVT. later this, kurdats was reshaped to ensure midfield superiority.
now Anjat’s troupe action, ride them at midfield, destroying enemy’s crazy koalas, and taking monophilament weapons from panopleas. done this, take defensive position in midfield buildings.
nomads takes response without his reaped leader head, so this, Quimera’s troupe pounce to yard, directly in Beksorat panzerfaust and Anjat’s combi sight, falling pupniks initially followed rightlly by Quimeras’ass.
finally after unsuccessful Morloc’s actions, remainning nomads run to join morats works camps.

Ze Desek Garnakh, suryat assault infantery. raveneye port battery: ammunition and supplies module . Durgama’ orbital domain, concilium prima.

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Combined Army

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