Durgama Takeover


Endless tune

VS O-12

Darpan complex.
Haqqislamite forward liaison sector.
It took some time for the stranger to find a unit lieutenant Lia Amirkhan was assigned to. It took even more time to persuade local commanding officer, whose rank was much higher than the stranger‘s to grant the right for a meeting. It took around 15 minutes to assign a new temporal commander for Amirkhan‘s group and another 15 for her to arrive.

Amirkhan’s group was moving through complex to reinforce a perimeter around the main sector of operations and a new lieutenant’s arrival hold the group long enough for O-12 patrol to arrive and to block their way through.
Epsilon’s machine gun roared as Sirius and her pet rushed through the sector to instal her D-charges on the wall of the container, a second later it exploded. A second later agent Anna and her fellow mukhtars covered the field with fire slashing both Sirius and Epsilon with rain of steel.
The turret activated by the enemy shoot down the female zhaedan, as Tuareg hacker pushed forward to get a validated info on the enemy’s orders, but the inscription was way to sophisticated to crack it fast…
Suddenly a tiny bot rushed forward, too small to shoot, too fast to catch. He made it to Sirius In several long jumps and a second later she jumped back on her legs ready for action, only to be cut down with an accurate burst of the breaker rifle of agent Anna, whose team pushed forward. They were able to annihilate the bot with a machine gun, to smash on Sirius and finally to crush her and epsilon.
They continued their push mauling down raptor and varangians, but alpha unit on the other side of the sector was able to sneak close to haqqislamite lines.

Later reports of all members of the team noted that new lieutenant performed fine…ish… and pointed out a necessity of returning previous commander.

Lieutenant Lia Amirkhan entered the room that, apparently, was a corner office of some top manager. The stranger was sitting in a chair next to a window looking outside. A skull shaped helmet was resting in his hands.
“Please, come in…” the stranger pointed on the second chair next to the table, lieutenant came in and took her place, keeping her rifle close. “I would like to ask you for one thing…”
It took almost an hour to persuade her to give her family’s heirloom.

One hour later the stranger was standing in the mid of the hallway keeping a tiny box in his hand. The family heirloom he was running around for was a tiny metal spike that was identical in size to a hole in the side of the box. The stranger put the spike inside and something clicked, suddenly the box opened and started to play a melody. A melody he knew all his life, but he had forgotten it.
He was standing and listening, while soldiers were passing by. Suddenly he noticed a woman, she was standing right next to him, listening the same tune. He knew her for a long time and he saw her ice blue eyes for the first time. The universe disappeared, all of the sudden there was only they and music.

If anyone interested the name of the tune Night Sun by Richard Birkin.

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