Durgama Takeover


In order to record the details of your battles you will need to enter the details in the Report a Battle section.
This can be done before the battle has even started, you can write the report and publish it at a later time. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to the system, if you don’t have an account you can register one for FREE.

Step one is registering an account

Step 2: Click on the Report a Battle link in the navigation bar.

Step two is recording your battles

Step 3: Here you can select the theatre you wish to play in as well as the mission and the size of the game. All fields marked with a * are required.

Step three is entering the required details

Step 4: You can now publish a quick report from this screen without having to add additional blocks of content. If you wish to create a quick report you can write what happened in the Battle Report Write Up field, upload images (JPEGs only) to the Images field and upload details of your armies used to the Army Lists field (PDFs only).

Step 5: If you have written up a quick report you have two options. You can publish the report as it is, to do so click the green Publish Now button.

PLEASE NOTE Once a battle report has been made public it cannot be set back to private, so make sure you have it as complete as you wish it to be. A half-complete published report may give you AND your faction a lower rating and fewer commendations.

If you wish to create a more descriptive report click on the orange Add More button to add content blocks. Any changes made to the form above will be applied if either button is clicked but the report only published when the Publish button is clicked. If the Add More button is clicked before the Publish button the report will be set to private and can only be viewed by yourself.

If you have not played the battle yet but want to record the battle now then create the report at a later time click on theAdd More button.

How you build your report is up to you. It can consist exclusively of the data collected in the form pictured above, just content blocks or a combination of both.

Remember a more fleshed out, interesting report can be a benefit to both you and your faction.


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