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Stand up and represent your club!

This section displays a directory of all the player clubs and stores registered on the site. You can sort the displayed Clubs and Stores by various criteria or search for the name of one in particular.Joining a Club/Store allows people to compare the progress of local clubs/stores against others around the world.

Registering a Club or Store

Once logged in you may register your club or store by clicking the button on either the Clubs and Stores drop-down menu or your Command page.

This button is just begging to be clicked!

Fill in the form with as much detail as possible and click Submit. Your Club or Store will now be added to the directory page and all information submitted will be visible on your store/club page.

  • Type – Select a store if your group is representing a gaming shop, otherwise select club.
  • Name – Store/Club Name which will be displayed in the directory.
  • Description – Details about your store/club. Who you are, what you play, when you meet etc.
  • Website – If you have a website you can enter the address here.
  • Email – An address that others can contact your club/store.
  • Telephone Number – A contact number.
  • Address – The location where you meet. Not all fields are required so you can just enter the City or Country if you wish.
  • Location – This field will allow your location to be visible on the global directory map. As with the address you can use your exact location or just your City if you wish.
  • Twitter – Club or store Twitter account e.g. https://twitter.com/beastsofwar
  • Facebook – Club or store Facebook account e.g. https://www.facebook.com/beastsofwar
  • Youtube – A channel for your club/store e.g. https://www.youtube.com/TheBeastsOfWar
  • Images – If you have some pictures you would like to use to represent the club/store these can be uploaded here. File types must be jpeg and no more than 8.39MB in size.

It is possible to create more than one Club/Store page, and as a creator you may join another club/store.

When members request to join your Club/Store you will receive a notification request for approval on your Command page.

Only once a member has been approved do their stats count towards the club/store stats.

Once a member has been approved you have the option to remove them from the Approved Members list on the Store page.

Editing Your Club or Store Details

From your Command page:

Step 1:

Click My Command.

You can find all sorts in there

Step 2:


Step 3:

Find the Club or Store you wish to edit and click the Edit link beside the name.

Edit the clubs you have created.

From your Store Page:

Step 1:

Open the Club or Store page from the directory.

What else would you do in Bruges?

Step 2:

Scroll down to the bottom of the members list and click the Edit button:

Joining a Club or Store

N.B. It is only possible to be a member of one club/store at a time.

Step 1:

Open the Club or Store’s page. This can be found from the directory page.

Don’t accidentally log out! Left a bit, that’s the one!

Step 2:

Click the “JOIN This Store” button. If you are already a member of another club/store then this will read “SWITCH To This Store” and clicking this will mean you are leaving your previously joined club/store to become a member of the new one.

We’re always welcoming new members

Step 3:

A confirmation dialog will appear – click OK to confirm that you wish to join the Club/Store.

This will send a message to the owner to approve the request.

Leaving a Club or Store

If you no longer wish to be a member of a club/store simply open the club/store’s page and click the button “LEAVE This Club/Store”.


A confirmation dialogue will pop-up asking you to confirm. Clicking OK will confirm your request to leave.


Need further assistance? Contact Warconsole Support with the Campaign and screenshots relevant to the issue – [email protected]

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