Durgama Takeover


One last strike

Combined Army
Zest Di Temno

Incoming transmition from OPCOM.

Decryption in progress…

“Greetings commander, your work on the station is done, even though the rogue Ai is still running. Now is time for a final assault on enemy positions on the mainland. Human Ai has deployed its aspects in the Zebu Labs, with the intent of halting our advance. You know the place and the enemy and you have all the tools provided by the CA. Extinguish their hope.
OPCOM awaits your report.”

Report N.2344402113:

Onix VS Steel phalanx

I won the initiative and I decided to go second, so my opponent made me deploy first.
I deployed the defensive core of unidron and nexus and the haris with the two tags and nourkias. My imetron manage to deploy out of my dz and i leave the noctifer out as the last piece.
My opponent deployed his fireteam of 4 Achille’s and a fireteam with ajax, machaon end two myrmidon (one officer), a lamedh and Atalanta tr.
I deployed the noctifer in my right corner near one of the xeodron.
I use one of my command token to buon two of his regular orders.

My opponent first round:
-he use 3 orders to activate ajax fire team and advance, putting down 2 eclipse to let Achille move without aros from my core team of unidron

-achilles fireteam moves out of dz and advance to shot the plasma sniper.
Achille shot and kills the unidron.
Then enters s.fire with patroclus using the lieutenant order and a command token, breaking the fireteam.

-with last orders and two command token he moved Atalanta and the lamedh out of the contaminated area.

His netrod in dz dies failing the two bts rolls.

My first round:
Move the ikadron in the main group.
9 regular orders, 2 irregulars from the tags+lieutenant

-nourkias use the lieutenant order to activate the fireteam and advance. The red fury xeo use its irregular to move the link again. The k1 marks then become the linkleader and use its irregular to move in Los of patroclus who shot.
I won the ftf with a 2 and patroclus suffers a wound. He maintains the position. Another order to shot patroclus and the k1 xeo crit with a 10

-the redfury xeon use two orders to move the fireteam in position to shot Atalanta.
The lady rolls a 13 in the ftf, a nice shot, but the xeodron redfury crits 2 times at 13!
Atalanta suffers a wound and goes unconscious.
Now the all fireteam move in base contact with Achille, nourkias leader. Achille chose to explosive punch one of the xeodron, dealing 2 wounds, but nourkias slice him in half with the Em ccw and gains 2 extra wounds.
The fireteam move then in a defensive position while killing the lamedh rem.

-i use the last orders to move the fireteam of unidron out of contaminated area.

-ikadron was still inside and dies

My opponent second round:
5 regular orders+lieutenant

-he moves ajax fireteam in the gap on the right. Noctifer see ajax and a myrmidon and place a blast on ajax.
The fireteam dodge. Ajax rolls a 18 failing, the myrmidon rolls a 10 but the noctifer miss. The myrmidon dodge away from ajax, advancing.
My opponent broke the fireteam and activates only the myrmidon tht moves. Noctifer shot and was able to also hit ajax with the blast. Myrmidon put down a smoke. Noctifer hit with a 5, but myrmidon crit on 16. Still ajax was hit. Luckly he saved all the 3 armours.

-he recreate the fireteam with a command token. The fireteam moves. Then use another order to move and shot the fireteam of unidron. K1 Unidron shot back with keernau. Ajax shot the unidon ignoring keernau. K1 unidron lose the ftf and suffers a wound entering dogged state. Keer hit with both the plasma shots but ajax saves all.
With last order ajax shot again and kills keernau, but suffers a wound from the k1 unidron.

My second round:
7 regular orders, 2 irregulars of the tags+lieutenant

-the red fury xeo activates with its irregular and move to face ajax, but in the meantime shot and kill the last netrod.

-k1 xeo use its irregular to shot ajax but lose the ftf and suffers a wound.
Another order to shot ajax but again the xeodron lose and suffer a wound.
With another order the xeo manage to win and kills ajax.
Nourkias use lieutenant order to activates fireteam and move. With another order the fireteam jump on a cliff. I broke the linkteam and nourkias jump in cc with machaon. Nourkias used two orders to kill machaons.
Then nourkias goes in cc with the myrmidon officer suffering a wound from the myrmidon nanopulser. With two orders he manage to kill the officer.
Last order nourkias move and shots the last myrmidon but miss and suffers another wound by the myrmidon chainrifle.

My opponent third round:
He has only the myrmidon in LoL.
With the irregular order the myrmidon move and chainrifle both the xeodron. Tags decided to dodge and nourkias shot the myrmidon. Nourkias hot and kills the myrmidon, while the tags dodge the chainrifle.

My third round:
-i use my round to complete two classified objectives with nourkias (mapping and data scan)

Game ends 8-0 for me

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Combined Army
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