Durgama Takeover


Mission 2: The Zebu Massacre

VS Combined Army
Rey Criters

Report Context

This is Commander Zelos reporting.

We entered the Zebu facility late. The Combined Army had sabotaged the ventilation system and a deadly virus was rapidly spreading through the place. We assess the situation. Our goal would be to cause as much damage as possible to the enemy and get out of the place. It didn't take long for us to find them. We thought it was a small group but we were wrong, a Sphinx lurked in the shadows. Luckily we had an expert sniper who already showed her worth in the previous battle.

The Battlefield
The enemy side of the battlefiled
Our side of the battlefield

The Only Round

We did not manage to take the initiative but we were able to position ourselves after seeing where the enemy was.

The fireteam made up of three Noxs, Dukash and Oktavia moved behind a building. Oktavia tried to kill our Sukeul who was on the roof of the green building but she was the one who exploded into a thousand pieces. The two Q-Drones tried the same thing and got the same result. Only this time the SimbioMate had to sacrifice itself to cover our shooter.

Then it was the Sphinx's turn. The TAG advanced from where it was hidden shooting at the Sukeul, I ended up seriously injured. The monster hid behind a building and advanced into optimal range for its Spitfire behind an informational sign. From that position he was able to finish off the Sukeul's symbiote by focusing on her and avoiding the shots of a Freedman that was located on a building.

Exposure to the lethal virus that was in the enemy deployment zone killed all the Noxs and Mentor Lieutenant.

The Fireteam positioning themselves behind the building
The Sphinx positioned behind the information sign

When we started the counterattack only Dukash, the Med-Tech Obsidon and the Sphinx were left. The Liberto approached the TAG and they both shot. Surprisingly, the mercenary survived and the enemy was destroyed. Then the biker mercenary moved forward and finished off the two remaining enemies with his Red Fury. With no enemies on the battlefield, our team was able to get out of the contaminated zone without any problems and accomplish the designated secondary objectives.

The Noxs did not support the biotechvore


We must make a special mention to the Sukeul of our team, Kiira Sameel. Which will be known among us as The Terror of Zebu.

From the corpses of the enemy we got the information we were looking for. In Zebu, what was agreed between humanity and the Tohaa was not being fulfilled. We do not doubt that this will have consequences in the future.

The Terror of Zebu

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