Durgama Takeover


Supremely tanky Tohaa and Ramah

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VS Haqqislam

300pts – Ramah vs Tohaa – Supremacy

Tohaa won the Lt roll, chose to go second.

The Tohaa fireteams were divided up as follows:
– Aggressive Triad 1 – Neema, Kumotail, Makaul
– Aggressive Triad 2 – Sukeul HMG, Sakiel Paramedic, Makaul
– Support Triad – Gao Rael Spitfire, Kaeltar, Makaul

The glorious Tohaa forces

The Sukuel triad was deployed at the leftmost of my deployment zone, with the Sukeul prone on the roof of the building, while the Chaksa Auxiliar was also deployed on the left edge of that building. The Rasail and her Chaksa deployed behind the central building, with a symbiobomb on the Rasail. Neema’s triad deployed behind a lorry at the back of the deployment zone, while the support triad and Kerail took up positions around the right-most building, with the Gao-Rael standing up with a symbiomate on ready to cover the table. A clipsos was hidden deployed in my half of the table next to the bottom left console.
Haqq deployed with a flash pulse bot on the left on top of a building opposite my Sukeul (but hidden behind a tall building), Carmen Johns, a Namurr and 2x Mukhtar haris in cover behind it, the janisarry HMG and warcor in the centre, and a core team of ghulams (mostly being naffatuns, Leila Sharif, a zhayedan HMG and a doctor) on the right.

Tohaa deployment (Clipsos at the red dot)

Worried by the Gao-Rael sniper, my opponent revealed a Tuaraeg sniper on top of the building next to his remote, and fired at the Gao-Rael, eating a crit for her troubles. However, she passed her armour save, but thought better of trying again and went prone. Instead, the fireteam moved up to get the Zhayedan into good range bands, shooting off the symbiomate, forcing the Gao Rael to go prone. This cleared the way for Leila to move out and hack the top right console, claiming it for Haqq.

The Gao-Rael engages the Touaraeg.
Zhayedan gets into position to engage the Gao-Rael

I realised I needed to remove the Warcor, so I stood up the Sukeul, who hit the warcor multiple times, but passed their armour save every time. Not wanting to waste orders in my first group the Gao-Rael stood back up, splitting burst between the Warcor and the Touaraeg. The Warcor died, but the Touaraeg passed its armour save. The Gao-Rael then used both the other orders from that group, losing the face to face to the Touaraeg both times, but passing his armour saves (you may be noticing a theme at this point).
The Kerail’s eyes lit up upon seeing a grouped up fireteam, and haphazardly made its way towards the Ghulam team under the cover of smoke. However, while the Kerail was able to kill the Zhayedan with his SMG, he died in the process to fire from the Janissary and Touaraeg, and the Surda’s pulzar achieved nothing. To ensure I was able to score two zones, the chaksa auxiliar and Rasail moved into the bottom left and bottom right zones, while the clipsos revealed and hacked the bottom left console, beore re-camoing back behind the building.

At the end of TURN 1 we realised that my opponent had failed to move anything into the top left zone, meaning I held 2 to his 1.
END OF TURN 1 – 2-0 to Tohaa.

The aftermath of the Kerail's charge.
Clipsos claims a console

Leila moved around the building she was behind, getting into ZoC of my HVT, and scoring the HVT: Espionage classified objective (along with a bonus point for having a globe symbol). The Touaraeg finally won her duel against the Gao-Rael (breaking the fireteam), clearing the way to the top left console. Carmen threw smoke to cover the top left console, allowing the Namurr haris to move up and claim it. The haris tried to move forwards further, but the Namurr took a wound from the Rasail as the haris passed the gap between two buildings, and ended up with the wounded Namurr visible to the Rasail.

The Gao-Rael finally falls.
Leila claims the HVT
Carmen covers a console with smoke
The Namurr haris moves behind the building after claiming the console

I was being very badly stymied by the continued existence of that Touaraeg, as with the Gao-Rael down I had no other visors with which to try and take it out. Trying to get some cover, the now un-linked makaul used his impetuous order to try and throw smoke, but failed the Ph roll and was mercilessly gunned down by the Janissary. Looking for alternative angles of attack, Neema’s triad moved right from behind their lorry and behind the Gao-Rael’s building, getting a bead on Leila and shooting her down. The Rasail then got desperate, charging right from behind her initial cover, shooting at the Namurr as she went (the Namurr passed their armour save). The Rasail then continued moving towards the remnants of the fireteam, trading face to face rolls with the Janissary, Touaraeg and flash pulse bot, failing to hurt any of them but losing wounds and her chaksa in the process. Without a flamethrower to properly finish off the Ghulam fireteam, she went prone instead in the top right quadrant, hoping to contest it. Trying to achieve something with this turn, Neema came round the corner and unloaded a panzerfaust at the Janissary, hitting him once, although he (once again) made all his saves.

At the end of TURN 2 we both held two quadrants, so no extra points were scored.
END OF TURN 2 – 2-2

Neema drops Leila with her breaker combi.
The badly wounded Rasail ducks down behind the console to avoid taking any more fire.

Things got a bit confused here as we were running out of time to finish our game in. The Namurr haris moved around behind the building into the bottom left quadrant. The Clipsos revealed and forward-observed the Namurr, achieving my classified objective (also with a bonus point for the Globe), while the Clipsos somehow survived the shots from the Namurr. What then followed was a gloriously stupid firefight, as the Namurr somehow failed to kill the Clipsos, but still managed to take down the Chaksa Auxiliar

The Namurr haris goes aggressive in the final turn.

The Clipsos went on a rampage, making use of her camo and the targeted state on the Namurr, she gunned down the Namurr and single Mukhtar that were in line of fire, allowing her to reclaim control of that quadrant.

At the end of TURN 3, no points were scored for quadrants dominated, while Haqq had hacked 2 consoles to the Tohaa’s 1.

FINAL SCORE – 5-4 to Tohaa.

A very close game, where nothing wanted to die – I’ve never seen so many passed armour saves in one game of Infinity!

The Clipsos takes no prisoners to claim the quadrant!

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