Durgama Takeover


Myrmidon Wars: Durgama! - Episode Four: Tarik? More like Tar-Ick!

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Tactical Subroutine MM-3639-Beta
VS Haqqislam

Opening Credits Fly Over Shot of Darpan Subterraining Research Base

Ajax, Machaon, Hector, and Acmon sit in the ALEPH science facility.
Acmon “Using these computers, I help ALEPH improve life in the human-sphere by writing new algorithms to coordinate the production and shipping of materials and products.”
Machaon “And I use them to help ALEPH make new life saving medicines.”
Ajax “And I help by carrying heavy things!”
Suddenly, a gorilla appears on one of the monitors.
Gorilla “You ALEPH sycophants turn silicon into computers, but silicon belongs in sand where it can erode infastructure and sting the eyes! That is why I, Tarik Mansuri, shall reclaim your silicon for the mighty desert!”
Hector “Steel Phalanx, let’s show this Khawarij some good old fashion ALEPH courage! Steel Phalanx, Mobilize!”

Tarik and his Khawarijs run into the facility's primary server room and begin cackling madly in anticipation of destroying the computers within.
Some ghulams and zhayedans move in to rendezvous with him, but stop when they see a bank of monitors.
Zhayedan "Die evil technology!"
The zhayedan raises his missile launcher and launches a missile at monitors. A zayin rebot leaps into the way, sacrificing itself to save the computers.

Myrmidon Officer Jobber calls her enomotachos to assemble and charges forwards to intercept the intruders.
A myrmidon flips into the room and gracefully shoots three of them, but Tarik throws a sand dollar at him. It embeds in his skull and he collapses.

Acmon gestures wildly to his companions, conveying novels of information in seconds. Hector nods in approval.
Machaon tosses and eclipse grenade to provide cover, and Hector steps into it, plasma rifle blazing.
When the smoke clears, Tarik and one of the Khawarij are pinned as a torrent of flames rushes past them.

One of the zhayedans stands up.
Zhaye Dan "Fool! I was only pretending to die. In truth, I am unharmed!"
The last surviving ghulam steps out from behind a wall to shoot her pistol at the myrmidons. One falls, but gracefully Jobber weaves between the bullets is at her neck in an instant.

Tarik and Hector exchange gunfire. Hector's armor begins to spark and for a moment it looks like he's in trouble, but a myrmidon throws a smoke grenade at Tarik's feet, cutting them off.
Coughing, Tarik steps out of the smoke to grab the myrmidon by the throat and smash him against the wall.
Rounding the corner, Tarik shoots Hector again. He spits up blood and collapses.
Hector "This is as far as I go. I leave it all to you, myrmidon officer whose name I never learned because I've known you less than a day."
Hector dies.
Acmon, Machaon, and Ajax all look at each other awkwardly.

Jobber "I'll avenge you boss!"
With tears in her eyes, Jobber beheads the ghulam.
She creeps up behind Tarik, still laughing maniacally, and sprays him and Zhaye Dan with buckshot. Tarik falls vanquished, but another zhayedan shots Jobber dead.
Machaon throws down an eclipse grenade, and the surviving heroes charge forward, cutting down the two zhayedans in a hail of gunfire.

Leaderless, the surviving Ramah Taskforce members scramble to complete their mission, but the heroes of the Steel Phalanx make short work of them.
The scene fades out as Ajax charges ahead, causing the foundation to shake with the force of his hammer blows into surviving intruders.

Final Score
Steel Phalanx 5 Ramah Taskforce 2

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