Durgama Takeover


Ambush on Zebu base

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VS Tohaa

A petition from O12 requesting reinforments for Zebu base.The military orders sent a force to help on Zebu base.Equipped with nbc suits.
Hours later, Pano forces was ambushed by tohaa.

First turn owned by tohaa start marching to the center of the base.

On my first turn I moved all except my Sierra drone bot,its job it was delay the tohaa advance but the tohaa eclipses block the vision.I tried to kill takeul officier on the right side with my trinitarian with sniper but his taqueul officier dodges with eclipse. Move the rest of my army and charge the Teuton knights to start a melee.
But with some little delays the teutons arrives a bit late what expected that give some time to tohaa to regroup and gain advantage.
Moved Jean to support the teutons but the teutons lose the melee.The virus kill the Sierra bot,tech bee and the warcor and the.

On Daek’s second turn begin the pano annihilation.
Teutons lost the fight ,2 Daek’s orders killed Jean,any succesful evade ,then the 2 doctors died in the next orders.The only survivors were my camos,only 2 orders left .
I tried to kill the takeul with my trinitarian and died against a template and my dart activated the suppression fire as my final order.

And Daek’s last turn with takeul officier killed Dart with his bioweapons.
A shameful display for the panoceanian head quarters.

Sorry for my english. Was a bad plan execution with a bad luck on the important moments but it was fun making a big melee xD

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