Durgama Takeover


Win one at Darpan

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VS PanOceania
Alex Dunbar

Win one at Darpan

Short report, mostly because I can’t remember properly xD

Nice Alex Durban came along with Tyrannotron as a surprise, so we tried to squeeze two games in the place of one and ended up in a rush. I improvised a list by recycling one of my favorites from N3 and off we went!

The table. My Najjarun will be better defended once we start

I won initiative (not difficult against PanO) and deployed with one thing in mind: keep my cheerleaders near the antennas and rush Mansuri inside the panic room. He did his thing, covering my advance with his Squalo.

I began advancing my Ghazi to create a smokescreen, failing some of the rolls and dying to MULTI HMG AROs, but, since Dogged is a thing, I finally were able to get the smoke going so well done, fanatic lunatics!

You will not be forgotten

I then launched Mansuri through the smoke and into the room, dodged some AROs and parked there. Then proceed to enter a TAG duel with the Squalo, managing to put a wound on him, while getting another wound myself for my efforts. Got my people to the antennas and that was it for me.

Mansuri, I choose you!
Shark vs Scarab

Alex started full throttle, with the Squalo, wounding the Maghariba again and managing to park inside the room too. Tried to kill Mansuri, but after a couple of exchanges, he ended up with another wound. Repositioned his cheerleaders, and turn was over.

I was behind in the point counter, so I decided to get the Maghariba inside too. Since the rules state that the doors allow any miniature to enter the room, and there was already a giant robot inside, we allowed ourselves to have a laugh and went full duel of the robots!

Must be bigger on the inside

Maggie got wrecked the moment she stepped inside the room, bummer. I thought about it for a while and grappled the Squalo with Captain Haqqislam. While he was distracted, I managed to cover the advance of my Najjarun with some smoke from the last surviving Ghazi and entered the room. Elevating a prayer to the heavens, I tried to repair the robot and succeeded! That was my classified, by the way. Then, the First Khawarij finished the Squalo, sending it to second unconscious level with his swift swordplay.

Please-please-please... YES!

In his turn, Alex tried to advance some of his troops, but he wasn’t confident that he could tackle the dual heavy flamethrowers and a big sword inside the room. We exchanged fire, one of his specialists died (he had gotten sabotage as his classified), and that was it.

Without the Squalo, no way to achieve his classified and with the panic room heavily guarded, Alex conceded the game.

A really tongue-in-cheek game, but we were in a rush and went straight for the action! Alex striked me as a nice fellow player, and I am looking forward to meet him again on the battlefield :)

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