Durgama Takeover


Farewell To Durgama


"That's the last upload finished. Do you have everything you need?"
"Almost, but never enough. If Allah wills, it will suffice. Now move, Yusuf. Equinox have let something loose into the facility. Orbital readings are going insane. The Khanate troops have already pulled out. I'm getting you and the last of your men out of there - the Bahram have sent a heavy escort. They'll bring you home."
"A heavy escort? What do you mean, 'heavy'?"
"They'll be on site in five. God willing, I'll see you soon. Hassan out"

The line goes dead.

The Last Theatre

The Operations Subsection has moved more quickly than the Bahram troops, and seize the initiative. They are arranged into two primary strike teams; a mixed core link of various troops spearheaded by the Rudras gunbot with Trisha and a missile remote in support, and a secondary core with two heavy weapon Dakinis escorting a Danavas.

The Hassassin Bahram troops deploy as hidden as possible. The Shakush and his paired Asawira hold the left flank, while two three-person teams of troopers occupy the right flank. No large teams here - it's all small, independent elements, each supported by one or more Ghazi, meant to be able to respond quickly as needed. With three Asawira and a Shakush, this force is as heavy as the Bahram can dispatch.

Here we see the Shakush and Asawira. The Shakush can vault that fence en route to the objective room if needed.

Here we see the two small strike teams and their ghazi escorts. Yara Haddad, an Asawira Doctor and a Ghulam NCO comprise one team, and a Barid KHD, Asawira Spitfire and Ghulam Doctor comprise the other (although they'll begin the fight with the Barid HD lietuenant also joined, just for sixth sense until they move out).

Round One

The Operations Forces launch and immediate and vicious attack, with strategos and counterintelligence from the Shukra lieutenant fuelling the strike. The Danavas and her team move first, uncontested by Hassasin overwatch, up to a position where the sniper can exchange fire with the Shakush. The Shakush holds for a time until it takes damage, then pulls back to cover. The Danavas uses her last two orders to lay this pitcher, then spotlight the lone Ghulam.

The larger Operations combat group splits its orders between moving the core link forward, firing a pair of missiles to kill the poor Ghulam, and launching an assault with Andromeda (that may look like a biker, but I assure you it's Andromeda), who had passed her infiltration roll. She made it up onto the building and in range to engage the Asawira protecting the Shakush, but had to walk into Jammer and Repeater range to do so...

...which meant this happened. She kills the Asawira, but gets isolated and spotlit for her trouble. Andromeda will be a tick that's a challenge to remove for several turns, but by Isolating here the Bahram limits how much damage she can do. Jammers: still relevant military equipment!

The Bahram counter-assault is fierce but focused on clearing out the Panic Room, meaning Andromeda is left alone for now, holding the rooftop with the corpse of the Asawira she killed. Impetuous Ghazi smoke lays the way for Yara and the Spitfire Asawira team to launch a two-pronged assault on the room, clearing out the entire dakini team led by the Danavas and seizing the room with the Asawira Doctor from Yara's team.

Round Two

OSS resumes the offensive, trying to dislodge the Hassassins from the room, but they have fewer orders than in round one and their sole hacker capable of spotlighting targets for their missile remote is now dead. Here's how things look at the start of the round:

The Rudras Gunbot on the left and Andromeda are both still up, but OSS has haemorrhaged assets. The missile remote takes one free kill on a Ghazi but it will be the last of the game, and the Rudras, Trisha and Samekh all try to engage the Asawira in the central room to no effect.

In better news for Aleph's forces, Andromeda does engage and destroy the Shakush, but is wounded by the TAG's heavy flamer for her efforts. And in a last ditch effort, Dart moves up from her position above the panic room and engages the Asawira at 24", somehow managing to drop him unconscious. She lacks the orders to finish him off, though, and he regenerates at the end of turn.

The Haqqislam counter-assault is measured, focused on eliminating assets without risk and maintaining control of the room. In a moment of heroism, the Shakush pilot bails out of their shattered TAG and finishes Andromeda off with their shotgun, and the Dart is caught between two Asawira and eliminated. Yara Haddad closes in on the Rudras and wounds but can't kill it, but the damage is done - Aleph has perishingly few assets left to make a final push.

Round Three

Round three begins, and the only notable asset OSS has left is the Rudras.

The heavy Aleph assault remote picks up Marksmanship from the EVO hacker, but it's engaging Yara Haddad at short range, where she can use her pistols but it's still using its Marksman rifle. The range band engagement is punishing for it, and it can't land the hits it needs. It eventually goes down after several orders, and Trisha breaks out her breaker combi to try to finish the job and fails as well.

With Aleph routed and Haqqislam still in control of the room, all that's left for the Bahram forces is to collect a cube via In Extremis Recovery for their classified objective, and pull back from the doomed facility with the evidence they've obtained.


"I... I see what you meant when you said 'heavy'."
"Indeed. The Bahram are masters of the subtle knife, but they know how to land an armoured boot when the need arises. Are you in transit?"
"Yes. The shuttle is entering upper atmosphere now. It looks like hell down there - you're sure all the Khanate troops got out too?"
"They're faster than you, my friend. And wiser, too. We have what we needed. Are you ready to say your goodbyes to this place?"
"I am, Hassan. Let this be farewell - farewell to Durgama."
"A fine epitaph to this campaign. I'll see you soon, my friend. Yusuf out."

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  • khepri says:

    Your videos inspired me to try new things while playing. Now that the campaign is over and it doesn’t look like I’m plugging anything, in my first battle report ever, I used your YJ list. Thank you! https://durgamatakeover.warconsole.com/battles/khepri-vs-hey-its-bren-1658046841

  • khepri says:

    I have to say, I massively enjoy all of your reports, both video and text. Please don’t stop making them! As an intermediate level player, I find your clear analysis of the tactics in Infinity super enlightening!

  • sinan_atamer says:

    Thanks for all of these my friend. I had only 3 games and reported one myself, as the other two were very one sided against a new player so it didn’t feel right.

    I really enjoyed watching your videos and the fact that you went Haqq. I am still sticking with my TAK army, but haqq is on the list.

    Keep up the great work!!

  • Luca Girolami says:

    Thanks you for all the reports!

  • Tabuk_Kebab says:

    Excellent battle report! You did well.

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    Excellent report and nice table setup! A wonderful last battle for this campaign 🙂