Durgama Takeover


Fight for Tohaa life

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VS Yu Jing

The initial report mentioned the advance of Morat troops towards our outpost.
Everything was in place to ambush them, our Clispos stood ready, at the edge of the front line to hack the console that would give us crucial information on where to hit them.
We were ready, prepared for everything except perhaps seeing the invincible army emerge in front of us.
The radio contact was cut off to avoid being hacked and our communications were limited to pheromones.
Unfortunately the Clispos was too far to perceive the order to fall back and launched the assault as soon as it heard the enemy presence.
It was too late to turn back and the Taqueul who was leading us ordered our Sukuel who was dominating the battlefield to blow up the enemy's heavy artillery to allow us to advance.
Disoriented by our pheromones the Yu Jing suffered heavy losses but the triumph was short-lived.
The adversary pulled himself together and stuck us in a bloody fight.
When the smoke cleared, we were still at the start, weakened but victorious. An airborne Gao Tarsos had taken advantage of the chaos to infiltrate closer to enemy lines and destroy their server.

There is no doubt that our next encounter against the invincible army could see a more fatal outcome for us because our enemy will no longer be surprised.


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