Durgama Takeover


political rumble in the bow section of raveneye

mike brandt
VS Ariadna

= =* message decryption *==
“Hello commander, here is Imp your direct officer from High command. Today we have a special mission for you. Everyone know to we are allied with ariadna right now. But let’s be honnest. Alliance are available for propagande. We all know to we are are working on different way. We send you to the raveneye comms section with one goal. Take the control of the comms for claim the supremacy of our star station for our futur political negociation.
Good luck commander.”

==* message erasing*== bip bip

hector say: “ok team let’s go complete the mission. My intel said to me to kosmoflot are between us and our objectiv. They said to the famous william wallace is here too. You know your order. Remember no pity for the weak! For the victory!!!!”
My kosmoflot opponent win the lieutnant test and decide to play first.

On the deploiement i saw a fireteam with 2 volkolak (one missile launcher one, hmg and 3 vostok)

Kosmo turn 1: Uxia Mcniell reveal himself and activate the first console after 3 order. He want to destroy the middle server. Before that the volkolak missile launcher let my kappa sniper uncounscious for keep the LOF clear of ARO. After the activation she manage to keep cover behind the burger bar. Some other stuff advance for anticipate the next turn.

starmada turn 1: i saw a weak point on the defense. i try to medikit my kappa but his jugular was to badly hit and he finaly die. After that i used the hector fireteam for advance on the burger bar and kill uxia. i clean the volkolak HMG just after that and 8 opposition. I took a defensive position and wait the decision turn.

Turn 2: William wallace decide to advance and try to approach one server but he unfortunately was too busy to tank the lawkeeper redfury ARO for dodging the para CC of my kytta. He fail his save and was paralyse. The kosmo commander know to he want to liberate wallace from a sure death and he use the scenario rule for entering wolfgang amadeus in parachutist in right side. wolfgang come kill the lawkeeper kill my oko drones and manage to appraoch one server with the idea of killing it. But unfortunately with just one order he just let the wrong server with 1 STR.

Turn 2: it’s the turn of the concilium prima fury. hector break the fireteam and go kill wallace and amadeaus. After that he return on the middle of the game table reform the fireteam and the epsilon use this opportunity for trying to kill le volkolak ML. but he fail and he finish unconscious. Hector positionning himself on the burger bar. And wait in defensiv position.

Turn 3 kosmoflot: the plan of kosmoflot was simple he manage to slow my turn 3 as much as he can with repositioning et multiple ARO. And he validate his classifie.

Turn3: my plan was simple. I know to i can’t kill his server. So i decide to change my plan and to rescue my epsilon and activate the console. With the bonus point i know to i can win. My varagian heros sacrifice themself for smoke the aera betwen hector and aradnia defense and my beetatrooper doctor manage to activate the console. After that hector take his friends on his shoulder and go on the enemy half of game table.

When the smoke was away kosmoflot saw hector the true hero on there line and decide to run away because there inspirating leader was dead.

3-2 for starmada.

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