Durgama Takeover



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Combined Army
VS Yu Jing


The StateEmpire forces continue to harass our survey team. We recommend leveraging intra-species hostilities in order to distract humanity from our goals. Coordinates to mutually hostile territory in-loading...

Pan-O Guard Post

(Turn 1) As the human forces settled in to repel us we set a pack of taigha upon them. These creatures proved to be an excellent screen for the approach of our Sphinx. Its arrival on scene decimated the human flank before melting back into the shadows. While the human flank buckled our Caliban engineer breached the human armory allowing our forces to resupply their armaments.

The shock of the ferocious combined advanced wore off as the humans regained their wits. Showing uncharacteristic wisdom for such barbaric creatures the humans focused their fire upon our weaker elements. A coordinated push against our fire-team and our caliban saw the armory retaken by the StateEmpire.


(Turn 2) Our armored specialist continued their push into the soft human flank. The taigha continued their rampaged across the field. Giving their lives to protect our war machine. Quickly the sphinx broke off to assault the armory. Due to its bulk the scindron remote unit had to be deployed to take the armory and eliminate the hostile within.

Reeling from the continued onslaught the human medic was forced to focus on recuperating her team mates. Despite their care the humans take more casualties from our hidden weapons

sphinx baby!

(Turn 3) Shasvastii forces unable to hold armory and forced to cede control to the human forces. The armory has fallen to the humans. We can only hope the StateEmpire will continue to antagonize it's supposed allies.

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