Durgama Takeover


Threedom's revenge (?)

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Combined Army
VS Tohaa

(ATTENTION : Translation by Google, original text in French)

Durgama Stage 2:

Threedom’s Revenge (?)

When the shasvastii begins to tap the keyboard of his comlog, he heaves a first sigh in advance which will undoubtedly save him a remark from his lieutenant if he had pushed him in front of him.
Lieutenant whose form appears from the hologram, still imposing, the multiple battles he has already fought not seeming to have any weight on his shoulders.

He speaks first, his booming voice letting out a gasp

“- I hope for you that you have better news to report this time.
This detachment has already cost a lot of effort here on Raveney.

– I can reassure you immediately, Kotriex, your help was not in vain..

– Your tone seems to hide a lot of things, shasvastii. Speak, immediately, I have no time to waste.

– After our previous defeat, we have managed to entrench ourselves in a more secure area of ​​the laboratory, awaiting the arrival of your reinforcements.
Their arrival was a real godsend, and while our Sybillin Commando continued to reinforce the bridgehead, the Apyrean Battalion picked up where we left off in a race against the biotechvore virus.
But this progress was quickly hit by an unexpected encounter.
Do you remember my report on the tohaa we met?

– In effect. I myself contributed to bringing this battle to the ears of the pneumarch.
Were they not supposed to be a problem anymore?

– Obviously, a new detachment has arrived. Either in aid of the first, or out of a simple spirit of revenge.
The Battalion crossed their path, and we were surprised by the strike force they decided to employ by even throwing a tag in this skirmish.

– What flattery to use such great means to confront us.”

Simply answered the morat, a smile that his interlocutor guesses more tired than he looks taking shape on the corner of his lips.

“- Taking advantage of their element of surprise, their detachment seized the initiative and advanced so as to reinforce strong positions in midfield, advancing in threesome to escape the biotechvore on their side.
An advance that could have taken a much more dramatic turn if we had not lent a noctifer to the Apyrean Battalion, stopping the TAG Gorgos in its march on the right flank, while the left flank was being undermined by a chaksa team.

As the adversary began to get bogged down and were unable to advance further without risking heavy fire, we took advantage of the opportunity and began a breakthrough in their defences.
Our objectives were simple: take down the enemy, identify them with the help of a spotlight, sabotage their advance by trapping the terrain with shaped charges, and satisfy the bloodlust of the umbra.
On the right flank, we had positioned a shock team composed of a particular umbra, on which many hopes rested, a suryat and a kurgat, while on the opposite side we had deployed a unit of unidrons, two in K1 and two in plasma, supported by their hacker nexus.
Finally, in the center it was positioned our Q-drone, and an umbra hacker had already started an advance on the left.

The lone noctifer, who had nothing to lose, took the opportunity to try to finish off the Gorgos, who just had time to launch an eclipse to protect themselves, which was a boon for our team on the right flank, the hari advancing towards the building that was the target of our sabotage, right in the middle of the eclipse.
Unfortunately, a sakiel spotted them in the distance and, on a shot with what I must admit was remarkable accuracy, just… shot the team’s umbra down, smashing their skulls open.
The kurgat was fortunately able to land its hollow charge and accomplish our first objective, but was quickly surrounded by a triad that a makaul was soon planning to have fun in.

Leaving him to his fate, the unidrons took over, and succeeded in detecting the mines laid by the chaka, using them to launch plasma shots and eliminate the trapper with the blast of the explosion, before starting the attack again. act on an auxiliary, then a makaul.

Finally, the left flank umbra advanced in turn to evade the biotechvore, and the Q-drone did the same by taking position in the center of the operating area, its plasma rifle posing a real threat.

A threat such as the tohaa could not afford to leave alive..
So, as the noctifer lay dying in the biotechvore, the right flank began to come to life.
The makaul who was watching the kurgat rushed to meet him and massacred him without half measure, which was then exemplarily punished by our drone when he tried to launch an eclipse to attempt an approach, reducing him to smoke with another member of his team.
So, on the strength of his recent exploit, it was the sakiel on the left who took over, and approachedto accomplish objectives that we could not decipher without risking facing the plasma shots, leaving the field open for us to act.

One of the unidrons therefore tried to eliminate the last chaksa which responded with a shower of flames and both died, the nexus being able to take advantage of the now free path to go and throw its spotlight on one of the bodies before finishing it, making us achieve a new goal.
Following which the umbra which was not far passed in the back of the team of the now dead sakiel, to eliminate them both with a single shot from a boarding shotgun, and finish off one of them still unconscious to allow us to score our last goal.
He had just enough time to use a cybermask to disappear from the eyes of the enemy before he took over.

– It would have been surprising if the two umbra were useless, these fighters are respectable.

– But this is not enough..
Because the enemy, although now having very few resources and the entire chain of command eliminated, has just managed to detect the hacker, destroy it, and move towards the drone to finish it. Without success, the latter destroying two of the final triad members.

– This machine did most of the work, all in all.

– His shots were remarkable, yes, and the operation ended with the elimination of the last member by this same drone, and the opportunity for the opposing TAG to avenge his companions by finally knocking him down before fleeing to leave us an almost total victory, although murderous on both sides.

– But.. And Yaam? She was still part of the plan.

– Your.. um.. little source of chaos, unfortunately had a little problem..
She decided to jump off the transport too soon and our teams are currently looking for her in the jungles of Durgama.”

This news seemed to upset the Morat, who growled louder before pulling himself together.

“- This victory remains overwhelming and will allow us to advance IS in its plans.
Continue to reinforce the area, but switch roles. I want the Battalion to take care of the bridgehead instead of the Sibyllines, and for them to advance.
Yaam will be able to manage on her own, and…

– And.. ?

– I talked about your new little protected to Rethas. Perhaps he will be sent to your rescue as well, his operations on Raveney are over.
End of transmission, break off.”

Combined Army