Durgama Takeover


Raven Eye IA madness

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VS Combined Army


Raven Eye Orbital Station, Section Bow
By: Father Knight Luisjoey

As i get recovered from the cold sleep, i awake to an station filled with conflict from all sides, scandalous things as space dog ariadnas defending the module and a terrible inmiment invasion of the combined army over our dear concilium prime, where the city named after my beloved child rest as capital of human sphere: EDDA

Aleph IA was fierce against my awaken but thanks to the hospitallier knights i recovered at my best 75%, but the time it´s short we shall end that crazy IA Andreph so we went deep to the core of the Section Bow at raven eye to finish it off with the support of Knight Hospitallier the Fersen, a hacker i learn a lot. As we advance we find a Corporate HVT and rally with her to see the find outs....

IT WAS A TRAP by the COMBINED ARMY, a force of Onyx pinned us down bringing down Hospitallier de fersen and leave me fighting with a hidden hacker... detected to be BIT AND KISS!

Joan of ark was leading a charge on her side and was pinned down with the adhesive ammunition leaving her stuck and we at the mercy of the vile aliens.

Knight Teuton Tostino remember the old creed "To Cybernetic issues, Analogic Solutions" and fiercely advance toward the enemies shooting his shotgun bringing down many at the cost of his own wounds, then the alien fireteam shoot us at with plasma weaponry leaving heavy damage on the structure, but we endured even by being flanked by a missile launcher.

We were pinned and with few time, I myself check out the console and find out a mad IA, that was not the andreph but something worst.... INPUT was the signal, and we wonder what the aliens are doing with that.... we cannot leave that on the enemies so we need to burn it down, so we advance but the server was on the far west and took us a while to get there, Erasure program was very sharp but the darned IA resist.

Then Umbra Nourkas arrises shooting out his way, by hacking the central console supported by several rodok alien apes, but he falter to the last moment... i was saw that made some Hacking over the HVT to retrieve some data... what could be? we dont know.... better be death.

after that loss of momentum we retrieve the lowest side of the third turn by finishing off the Server and that dire IA, but i think if it was enough...

It must be reported to O12 Toth Bureau... but there is no time...we shall pursue the aliens deep within the base to clean them out. Knight Richard made a casevac to retrieve our operative and we request some curator to release joan of ark from the glue.

Militay Orders: 10
Onyx: 2

Overview of the battlefield, bit crowded but its a space ship deck after all
Combined menace shoot plasma at us! we must engage.
de Fersen was brought to a trap and fall by the ambush
Combined army nexus character hack us and also bit and kiss
Yu Jing Ko dali tried to get on our flank and was spotted
Nourkas advanced impersonated as joan of ark and mark the console, revealing something to the combined army was after in one of our servers
Had a good time! but it was a tense moment between the fireteams
Had a good time! but it was a tense moment between the fireteams
was a great and tense all time game! each action worth!
dire times! i would said that

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