Durgama Takeover


Monkeys gone wild

Combined Army
VS Tohaa

Turn One
A triad consisting of a Taquel, a Sukeul and a Sakiel all with symbiomates and bombs advance up dropping a mirror ball to deny my Kaitoks any ARO with their flammenspeers. They are able to advance well up past midfield taking cover behind a building. The two remaining triads scramble up the opposite flank trying to escape the deadly bio zone. Two of the enemy force succumb to the deadly zone and fall unconscious. 

Frustrated by their inability to fire on the enemy approach the Morat core fireteam advances to thwart the the Taquel triad. Moving up cautiously the Dartok is able to pitch a repeater into perfect position. As the team advances he spotlights the Taquel (completing a classified).  On the other side of the board a T-drone advances to improve its position while firing a guided missile into the Taquel dropping him to the ground. Dartok then spotlights the remainder of the triad so the T-drone can target and neutralize them.  The core moves onto the building as to cover more of the battle. Harris team Anyat move up the left to protect that flank. Harris team Raktorak move into position on the right to deny the enemy advancement. The Daturazi falls victim to the deadly toxins. 

Turn Two
Tohaa- On the left flank an exchange between an advancing Liberto and the Kaitok from the Anyat Harris ends up with them tied up in CC. On the opposite side his advanced deployed Draal activates but falls to a double burst flammenspeer. Next one triad moves up firing on the Kaitok with a red fury hitting twice but failing to break his armor. In response the Kaitok is able to get shots on two of the squad dropping one. The other triad(Sakiel,Makaul,and Gao Rael) are able to isolate the Kaitok with an E/M grenade(yes veteran is immune but I forgot. Sue me).
They then attempted a heavy flamer killing a gaki behind the Kaitok but again failing damage on his primary target. The triad then moved into CC failing to wound and losing two members to chain rifle hits. 

CA/Morats- (Due to my misplay of Isolation/Veteran this is how it went). Harris Raktorak broken all activate on their own. The Kaitok moves up an jumps out laying chain rifle fire down on the remaining enemy to his left. The enemy trying to bring down the Kaitok fire back to no avail and fall to the battle field. The Rindak moves and is able to revive the Daturazi who then advances forward to deploy d-charges on a weapons cache(2nd classified). Raktorak moves around and blasts the last standing member of a triad in the back with his boarding shotgun. The battle ended with the core fireteam following order till the end with the Dartok advancing placing another repeater to spotlight the HVT. 

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