Durgama Takeover


The return of the 7th Morat Patrol

Combined Army
VS Tohaa
Taau Doo Kaatrr

Brieffing Room inside the Gazorot !

"Do you understand ? The data found in the shavastit communication informed us that something interesting is going on the zebu research station ! So we are going in !"

Major General Imkariel was being twitchy his last faillure on the bow section against the ariadna force were stainning is succes story and he started to think that the IE will not need his service in the near future.

"So all troop on deck take our most powerfull weapon !"

We are in position !
i love the smell of cooked artichoke !
To late !
makaul killed!
the nanobot virus hurt our kaitok !
the tohaa sneakly take refuge on the roof !
taqeul spotted , digger isolated and immo !
Our Rimdak tried to kill them ! But was ambushed by a Makaul ! Save him !
Cleaning duty !
We are taking the human hostage !

Few minutes after the attack !

"We securized the data ! The Ie will be proud of our force ! Only two lost ! we saved our wounded kaitok ! We will join you Brigadier General in the rendez vous poiny ! [audible gunfire shot !] Oh it seem all the tohaa were not killed another ennemy team is heading right on your position ! What are the order ?"

kornak was clearly amused by the situation.

"Take them down but the data reamin the priority we must securised it !"

Imkariel still nervous was looking at the Pier Tnrd the impassive bioconstruct gave him a smile......

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