Durgama Takeover


The last adventure of the 7th Morat Patrol !

Combined Army
VS Tohaa

Few minutes after the initial attack !

"Ok guys, our Satelitte scan give us intel about the tohaa position, the team we obliterated was just the scouting party the real deal is here !"

Kornak was proud despite injuries and lack of amunitions his brothers were stoic and tough as a rock !

"We will not loose our initiative ! So we are launching an all in attack before they regroup !"

Kornak and his troop ready for their last assaut.
Enemies position !
Saddly the Longarms are tough like paper.....
Saddly our dartok die in service !

"The enemies will is broken, after that they just launched themself in LOS of our kaitok and Suryat"

Kornak was reporting the event to the Major General Imkariel.

"The clean operation will be fast after that, we jsut have to take few cube for data, and take the HVT you can pick us up in 1 hour, just the time to sabotage all the remaning computer ...... Kornak out"

"Roger rendez vous point sent we will arrive in minus 59min."

Imkariel was trully happy this two victory and the data will maybe save his place after his two defeat on the bow section against the zxcuse of a space force ariadna used.

It was the last adventure of the 7th morat thank for the reading !

If you didn't read the precedant one here the link :


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