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OOC: Mission and pregame

Neither of us are wild fans of Highly classified so we rolled on Comm log and got Looting and sabotage.

To bring it into theme we put the AC2’s into buildings and at roughly similar distances from home and side table edges. We played the +1 Lt order and the +4” DZ’s and jungle for the Darpan region still.


Aspect Graviton had been preparing this data raid for weeks, the speculo agent had detected the Aleph backup cache established in the derelict zone in Darpan left by a previous Morat Raid, trying to hide the data in plain sight.

Unfortunately the speculo had blown their cover broadcasting the location to the assault ships and had to fall back, but they had at least deployed and activated the Leech repeater on the overlooked datavault in the abandoned medical research centre. The commotion led Aleph to deploy a more robust garrison, with orders to destroy the compromised datavault, it would be quite the fight…

Dusk on the first day of the Durgama push was beginning to fall.

Our heroes Graviton Maniple
The dastardly Aleph


The Speculo had fallen back to a near useless position but the advanced mapping of the combat zone had allowed many of the assault force to get much closer than expected before having to dig in, the Caliban Agent was already in position to storm the data building and the new Bultrak unit had achieved a commanding position.

As the Strike team got into position the Aleph rapid response garrison was deploying via dropship, an elite sniper took position on the abandoned garage to halt the Bultrak’s advance and Achillies deployed on a far flank ready to storm towards the hospital where the speculo had attached the Leech repeater onto the networked Datavault, an area which had been barely secured. An Aleph infiltrator was already in position at the bottom of the apartment block suppressing the building and keeping the daturatzi on guard duty at bay.

++ All units Commence the Assault ++

Kerr nau immediately deployed a pitcher infront of the Bultrak and forced a high output data screech through his Killer hacking device to blind and baffle the snipers advanced Multi spectral targeting system.

A second sniper revealed immediately from its thermoptic camouflage; a trap!

The armoured regiment ignored its initial dazed target and instead targeted the post human sniper, brushing off the small arms fire coming up from Andromeda below. The scattered accurate bullets pattered harmlessly off the bultrak as its Heavy Gauss Cascade obliterated the Ambush proxy.

Before turning its cannon onto Atalanta

The gunfight with Andromeda was more prolonged as the Bultrak struggled to get a fatal target lock on its suppressive and slippery target

But after some repositioning even the recreation’s advanced L host couldn’t withstand the withering barrage of fire.

With the troops guarding the outside of the compound annihilated the Aspect released the neural restraint on the disposable Taigha creature to flush out any remaining traps and ambushers

And Rasyat Gorok made his entrance, arriving from a more circuitous route, the murderer quickly dispatched one of the original guards of the compound before climbing to the first floor of the building in preparation to storm the Aleph Datavault.


The enemy had recovered their composure after the sustained barrage and were now ready to push themselves, The super heavy Lhost Achillies pushed forwards, driving back the Daturatzi with his spitfire, and following through with the momentum of the attack pushing up to the corner of the apartments to follow his prey.

The over eager brute pushed too close, even directly taking the brunt of a grenade thrown by the daturatzi head on* and Aspect Graviton brought its plasma caster to bear from ambush, scoring a direct, crippling hit on Achillies.

(OOC:* He passed the crit saves against the grenade but failed both armour and the BTS save from the plasma rifle crit losing all three wounds in a single spectacular hit)

Meanwhile a camouflage marker deployed from hidden deployment beside the Aleph datavault…



The Taigha released from its neural restraint charged into the makeshift Aleph compound, avoiding the mine placed to guard the large breech in the side wall but instead being caught bang to rights by the Naga*
(*OOC Criticalhit.meme, passed one save but not the other, sleep well prince.)


Just mark that one for later...

The Aspect took a moment to leap down from his perch, the infiltration armature didn’t make a sound as it hit the ground, before marking the body of Achilles for asset recovery with his cyberwarfare suite*.

(*OOC scoring Telemetry)

Meanwhile the Bultrak pushed forward, while the Charontid was silent as it jumped, the Bultrak was anything but; the hydraulic rams and jets firing as it scaled the ruined security station, brutally eliminating the Naga as it passed.

It continued the ascent smashing down on the security station rooftop causing further collapses under the colossal impact.

And ending the Dasyu guarding the Datavault, alert to the chaos behind him the Shukra now in operational command spun about.

A fatal mistake. As the daturatzi covered by the crashing and banging of the Bultrak silently stalked his prey before ripping off the Shukra’s head and crushing the cube.

Uninhibited the Bultrak set about smashing the datavault to pieces thoroughly and deliberately.

The rest of the team moved into more secure holding positions as Kerr nau rummaged through the orbital supply cache.

The remnants of the Aleph force attempted a last push on leeched vault, but as soon as it stepped from the building the posthuman lost connection with the last remaining body.


A few minutes later the Repeater leech had done it’s work and the data from the facility had been absorbed by the Evolved Intelligence network.

A retrieval drone from the dropship was dragging aboard the Achillies Lhost as the Aspect stepped lightly onto the boarding platform and hooked immediately up to the EI Quantronic Datasphere and the sub-command of the Dark Star Compact.

The Aspect let out what biological lifeforms may have interpreted as a smile…


Post game

When the anniversary achilles came out I picked on up and painted one in a corrupt CA colour scheme but I’ve never captured a body or spesitorised one, finally going to have chance to use him :)

Anyway this was a very fun game, which can mostly be surmised as Bultrak goes BRRRRR, I can’t say I expected to drop Achillies with a plasma round, I was just expecting to slow him down but I’m not going to complain.

Having the speculo get lost was a bit of a pain, the +4 deployment zone meant I felt it was worth taking the risk to get behind Atalanta for a quick kill, instead i had to spend 4 orders putting down pitcher and white noise to build up the odds and knock her off B2 18’s vs B5 13’s with the Bultrak, glad I did as she got a 17 in her ARO, played out quite well with the post human being there too, wouldn’t have wanted to split burst Vs either of them.

Nice to be back doing on of these and as always Thanks For Reading!

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