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Take them alive!

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Mantis Toboggan


Thanks to the previous raids it had come to Aspect Graviton’s attention that a former guard of the so called “Penny Arcade” was now stationed at the Zebu Research Centre as a commander.

However, Aleph had discerned the Aspects plan and immediately moved to have the Commander extracted before the Aspect could capture them, even now they were moving to the logistical area within zebu for immediate extraction.

The Aspect however had dispatched a task force of Morats to the area, specifically a group which excelled in live specimen capture. Their role would be to lock down the logistical dock control systems and capture as many specialists in the O12 force as possible in the hope of finding more leads to the location of the Penny Arcade.

Operational area



+It’s an ambush+

The Zeta stormed forwards and engaged the fireteam’s reactive elements on the rooftop of the tower, shredding the yaogat sniper and wounding the Suryat.

With another two withering bursts the Zeta eventually also overcame the wounded suryat which had refused to yield under the barrage

After a furious exchange with the stubborn Suryat who eventually succumbed, the Zeta continued its push forwards engaging the Rindak however it could not get to grips with the difficult target.

The Zeta attempted to gain height on the Rindak using its climbing abilities to scale the berm.

But as it did so the Rindak broke from its attempts to dodge and instead unleashed a shot from it’s blitzen crippling the Zeta.

A copperbot appeared from hiding and let off a burst from its flash pulse, stunning the rindak*

(ooc: Hunting party is an N3 scenario where stun ammo inflicts Imm B, flash pulses used to be “flash” a separate ammo type and became stun in N4, we gave it the benefit of the doubt and allowed flash pulse stun to inflict IMMB)

Enemy assault has stalled, hunt down my targets

The aspects voice was imparted directly to the Morat team in situ and Rodok Hvraan surged up the right flank making good use of his jump equipment.

Hvraan didn’t manage to close the entire distance but did manage to successfully flank the TR bot deployed as a turret overlooking the morat advance.

The remnant of the core link pushed forwards as one of the Ronin (Varangians) dodged forwards to attempt to protect the helpless Zeta now the turretbot was down.

Kornak Gazrot the opperational commander pushed up to engage the ronin as the Kaitok surged ahead to deal with the crippled Zeta.

However in a galant act of sacrifice the ronin let off a shot at the kaitok rather than Kornak, the shot was a magnificent headshot taking the immense armoured brute down in a single shot as the ronin was ripped apart by Kornak’s Sabbot cannon.

The Second team pushed forward and the Kyosot laid down fire on the Zeta as it frantically attempted to reboot, the accurate shots from the kysot scored heavy damage on the offline but otherwise fine TAG.

With the covering fire eliminated Rodok Hvraan leapt to a vantage point to engage the immobile Zeta without cover, knocking it offline but not destroying it completely. The Rodok moved to higher ground again gaining a vantage over much of the field but couldn’t totally destroy the damaged TAG.

The rindak now came down from its perch and activate the first of the Logistical docks security systems, with it in place the commander would not be able to escape.

+Enemy Counter attack+

The beast hunter broke its cover and charged Rodok Hvraan driving him from his commanding roost and pushing him onto the ladder on the other side of the wall, flushed by the Hunter the Epsilon moved into position and eliminated the Rodok but was himself cut down by Kornak’s deadly aim with his sabbot cannon even at long range.

The Epsilon had completed his primary objective however allowing the Lambda engineer to reach the Zeta without having to brave the Rodoks overwatch. The Lambda reached the Zeta and repaired all the damage and de-powered state the Morat advance had inflicted upon it.

The Zeta resumed it’s assault climbing higher again to engage the exposed link team below and it’s nemesis the Rindak

The Zeta missed the Rindak and Kyosot and instead was hit by both the Kyosot’s marksman aim (inflicting heavy damage) but also being caught by the Zabuk and her Adhesive launcher gluing it down to the ground.

+Enemy momentum has stalled, continue the attack+

Kornak charged ahead gunning down the Lambda before climbing atop the fast mover on the landing pad and hammering the Zeta with his Sabbot cannon rendering it totally unrecoverable.

As kornak retreated slightly, the dartok took up position dropping a pitcher on the rooftop ahead of the Sirus Team before burning out the Sirus’ higher motor functions with his hacking device.

+Enemy is attempting to regroup+

The ronin which had sheltered beside the Zeta pushed forwards but did not fare as well as his associate, instead being ripped apart by sabbot fire.

Distracted by the Ronin the Ryuken unit 9 (Lynx unit) eliminated Kornak with a burst from his plasma carbine, but didn’t dare push towards the dock control terminal for fear of the kyosot, zabuk and the drop bears surrounding the terminal thrown by the kurgat.

+Enemy attack has stalled, capture as many as possible+

The Zabuk moved up and glued the Ryuken to the ground. As she did so the dartok, still linked to the Sirus’s network crippled the remaining motor functions so she could be collected later.

The Rindak moved across to the other terminal using it’s medkit to revive the disgraced Kaitok.

The rindak then attempted to engage with the other dock terminal, failing three times to activate the system but managing to stop the beast hunter from securing the high value target.


The commander slunk away from the dock with his force in tatters, hiding beneath one of the deck plates as the Zabuk dragged away the Sirus and the ryuken, he didn’t want to suffer the same horrible fate.

Post game

Kill the Zeta, Kill the Zeta, kill the Zeta. I got alpha struck pretty heavily losing both the Yaogat and the suryat with their 5 man pure team bonuses (hitting on 18 and 19 against and uncovered foe) which was a major setback, MAF continue to struggle with going 2nd so i put down the strongest ARO threat i could manage being that I couldn’t just allow a Zeta to run around unchallenged.

Fortunately the RIndak did what rindaks do, won the game via the medium of interpretive dace, dodging and dodging before risking a blitzen at the coverless Zeta which stopped its rampage.

Despite a stirling performance the Rindak did manage to then fluff activating an antenna 3 consecutive times, but did at least stop my opponent from scoring secure HVT, final score 3-1 for a console activated, and more specialists hunted down, but my opponent managed Test Run.

As always, thanks for reading.

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