Durgama Takeover



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Bob from accounting


The intel ripped from the minds of the O12 personnel had led Aspect Graviton at last to this smaller site within the vicinity of Zebu Research station.

The area had a small bunker protected by an aggressive biotechvore weapon surrounding the site. The aspect was led to believe from the information recovered that while the Biotechvore field outside was fully active the internal stairways of the bunker would open to a hidden lab beneath the surface.

Operational recon report

Operational forces

+Enemy attack incoming+

+Enemy Transmissions intercepted+

No heavy enemy forces detected, Shakush moving forwards to engage

After a furious initial exchange the Shakush was left heavily damaged and the Noctifer was dead at the hands of the Muhktar, which moved to secure the bunker.

The Haqquislam forces moved to secure the bunker killing two of the Daturatzi.

+Enemy have committed their forces begin the attack+

The daturatzi moved up attempting to lay a smoke screen, one of them dropping dead to the Asawira’s suppression bursts with the spitfire. The taiga was isolated from the rest of the group by one of the Ghazi.

The isolated Taigha went berserk charging into the bunker through a side door and ripping apart the muhktar while it was shredded by covering fire.

Nourkias used the confusion of the ambush to assume the facade of a Haqquislam comm log identity using his hacking device.

The remaining core of the Aspects forces then surged ahead to secure the bunker and the space around it.

The Bultrak moved up the right flank engaging multiple targets killing one of the ghazi sheltering in the right hand doorway and fatally wounding Zuleyka pushing behind the bunker and destroying the Daylami and the Shakush.

With these targets destroyed it moved towards the enemy’s back line, leaping up onto the large building sheltering the Barid and exterminating both of them from a high vantage point.

Seizing the remains of the initiative the Aspect pushed all units to secure the bunker as the Skiovoros, Nourkias and the caliban snuck into the bunker under the cover of smoke. The Bultrak moved to secure an enfilading fire position through the doors.

As the smoke cleared the CA forces had firm control of the bunker, the Namurr now surrounded by dangerous foes.

+counter attack incoming+

The Ghazi moved up eager to find foes breaking nourkias’s disguise, Graviton’s Skiovoros armature was blown apart by a Ghazi’s shotgun. As nourkias moved to a more secure position.

In a desperate move the Namurr charged into Nourkias, managing to strap a pair of demolition charges to him and blowing him to pieces.

(OOC: It would be several orders later when i realised that Nourkias is CC25 and therefore dice+8 not dice +7, he would have therefore tied the combat and not have died)

The Asawira moved into the building discovering the Caliban the Haqq forces attempted to get to grips with the Caliban but the slippery operator managed instead to get into combat with the Namurr and drain it of some of its life essence. As the remnants of the Haqq force secured the bunker while the Namurr and Caliban were locked in deadly combat.

+Initiative restored+

The Aspect, now in full command of the Bultrak stormed the bunker with the TAG engaging the ghazi and Asawira at point blank range obliterating the ghazi and incapacitating the Asawira.


The Asawira super soldier regenerated and in a desperate move charged the Aspect’s Bultrak with the doctor, winning the combat but failing to inflict damage.

+Finish them+

The Caliban even if isolated, lept onto the back of the asawira blowing him to pieces while he was distracted by the bultrak and feasting on the mist of blood left by his ruin.

The Aspect, no longer troubled by the supersoldier unleashed it’s hullblades slashing the doctor into pieces.

The as the panic room doors closed and the biotechvore weapon closed in around them the bunker was in solely the Aspects possession…


The doors of the panic room sealed shut and all was silent for a moment other than the growling engine of the Morat TAG.

The Aspect disembarked from the warmachine in an uncomfortable borrowed body made of flesh, not the Pneumarch form he more commonly wear on the rare occasion he would don a “meat prison” rather than a highly tuned war armature. He shrugged past the discomfort and proceeded to the console on the central staircase which had activated since the doors locked.

With the press of a button the staircase slid away to reveal a passage beneath.

The Aspect Grinned in anticipation of what lay within…


What a bloodbath of a game. Andy put up stirling resistance and i genuinely went and banged my head on the wall when I realised Nourkias should have survived the combat.

In the end he had a flashpulse bot and i had an isolated caliban and a bultrak possessed by an alien super AI.

From what i can tell i made three mistakes:

1 I should have deployed the bultrak an inch to the left which would have given it a firelane down the side of the armoury.

2 the datz that dropped smoke should have put it to block the asawira’s opposed shot to the other datz.

3. I will never forget that Nourkias is CC25 not CC24.

Anyway my thanks to my opponent for a fantastic game to cap off Durgama takeover for me.

This will be my last game of the campaign so i’d like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to read my reports (they take AAAAGES) to the CA community who’ve been great this year and of course to all my opponents who’ve put up with me taking loads of pictures of everything, and CB for making a cracking game with a setting it’s fantastic to be a part of.

Once again however

Thanks for reading, See you next campaign.

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