Durgama Takeover


Defending the lost

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VS Combined Army

As all my other BR sorry for my bad english and that my pictures are randomly placed (I will fix them if I have time), but I am uploading from my phone. We were a little lost for the size of the map, but we had fun!
My opponent won initiative and decided to go first. I used a command to take away 2 orders, but thanks to his counterintelligence it was only 1.
His Uberhacker was a malignos, mine was a zulu cobra both in camo state

Shaas turn 1
Both his taiga advanced using only their first move. His shrouded on top of the building got up and shot my fugazi that took 1 wound. One of his Taiga entered the building where my Zulu was. It than proceed to move to the corner of the door and tried to discover my cobra (that it did nothing) but failed, he than declared discover+shoot (we forgot that he couldn't discover that target anymore), my hacker dodged. The Taiga this time tired berserkered on my poor zulu and both went unconscious. The other little alien monstruosity advanced toward my deployment and chain colted my bulleteer that shot back, but no wounds were taken nor given. This taiga too declared berserk on my rem but this time my rem survived and the little shit (sorry for the bad world) went unconscious. With his last order the shrouded HD on the ground floor tried to hack the console but failed.

PanO turn 1

The tech bee repaired with her gizmokit the fugazi while going in btb with the taiga in my deployment. Santiago enter from a border and kill the shrouded that tried to hack the console. With 2 orders the paramedic (thanks to a window) healed my zulu cobra. WIth my last order I coordinated and my Santiago, zulu cobra, Fusilier paramedic and hacker went in SF.

Shas turn 2

The seed soldier activated and went in btb with a console while shooting my Santiago and both roll 5... The malignos advanced in camo and tried to isolate my zulu but my uberhacker passed his bts. Now the malignos advanced and shot my hacker throught a window killing her and surviving (going prone) the suppressive fire of the paramedic.

PanO turn 2

Santiago advance killing seed soldier on the console, advanced more resetting the attempt of the shrouded to isolate him, and with another order killed the latter. Now my knight went back and activeted the console discovering that the enemy AI is in the central server: It advance with a few order to arrive in btb with the enemy AI and blow the server while the malignos tried to shoot him in vain. The tech bee with his irregular coup de graced the taiga.

Shas turn 3

Malignos hack my AI server destroying it and enters my repeater to hack successfully another server, but doing so got immobilezed by my fusilier hacker. The mentor with his lt. order and his last regular tried to take down my santiago, but both survived.

PanO turn 3

Santiago take down mentor, but is wounded doing so. Not caring it advanced and with the last 2 d charge blow up another server and with the remaing order destroy the last enemy server with his sword.

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