Durgama Takeover


Tohaa Ramen

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Artichoke Ramen

Preambula - I wrote a report and did not press the right button and all is gone so i have to do a really short version now (NB: perhaps for next time Warconsole can have a code that saves changes to reports automatically :))

Neema Sataar, acting officer of the Ectros regiment and a commander of the Pioneering division of the Tohaa Army at Durgama.

We were on the way to Zebu station to be re-united with our regiment led by officer Leesatz Gaoel when were met by a JSA patrol. We believe our unit was mistaken for the Combined Army and was attacked without any warning. We tried to Contact the JSA command post letting them know that we are the Tohaa delegates for the protection of the Zebu station but communication channels were not working - something unusual was happening in the backgroun.

Summary of Rounds 1- 3:

The JSA immadiately went on the offensive, attacking our right flank and pinning down our two main triads, a merc biker from Haqq (his name sounded like Kasim Beg) and our heavy assault Kiel-Saan troop. With no special equipment we were not able to unlock the corner puzzle created by a Ryuken HRL on the rooftop and bikers in the corners.

Two other JSA bike troops attacked the left flank and advanced to secure the console in the centre to prevent us from sending communication to JSA command. The sentient amphibious creature (AKA Libertos) was uncessfull in removing the motorised specialist, so as was our clipsos hidden the near the console. (the dice rolls were coming up the wrong side up almost the whole game haha).

Only our brave paramedic on the left flank was able to stay off the karakuri unit and inflict damage on the robotic structure but not enough to disable it. After an intense fighting we had to let go of our position an bypass that route to get to the taqeul officer's location.

JSA warriors are tough and fierce, we respect that. However we sense there was an additional presence that influenced the JSA contingent there. We believe this is a doing of the Combined Army. They have to be defeated and purged from the face of the galaxies. We must retake the gates and return to our homelands. We are the Tohaa and we never break - only bend. Tohaa the Three - we will be back...

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