Durgama Takeover


bacon takeover: portfire control

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Combined Army
VS Nomads

incoming transmission…
Sumi na Ze Hamak, rut proceed to detail portfire control opperation.

accessing at module to capture portfire control device under kusit nomads hands, our main kurtad conformed by suryats Gaurk and Vitret, kaitoks Reterek and Sorek, and rut Basek vanguard Nokhrat. gatecrashing front kumo crap-eater and riot-chik, almost cost seriously, but Sorek endure missillaunchers, while Vitrek fall unconscious by crap-eater hmg (ahah kusit Vitrek). subsequently Sorek achieved riot-chik fall while Gaurk crap-eater same destiny.
latelly, Oznat Tasyabat head his troupe formed by her pretas to ambush Quimera troupe, only worthy tu kumo crap.

nomads bitek take actions to wake up riot-chik, colosus smoke way to moderator paramedic, but our good Sorek catch them inmediately. meanwhile Quimera troupe engage with Tasyabat ones.
our response go throught Sorek run across field to catch the device and go back to our field. while gakis reach nomads head Kusanagi and colosus position without falls.

nomads take response killings gakis but our fine dogs explode killing Colosus and Quimera.

Last entry Reterek kills Kusanagi and positioned in midfield to ensure mission achievement.

Basek Nokhrat, vanguard morat postulant to Desek rank. reveneye, port battery

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