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Yu Jing
Cmdr. Philip von Kruse
VS O-12

After the HVT Lady Wu Zetian managed to slip her escorting guards, the Yu Jing escort ends up in a skirmish against an O-12 team in a similar situation.

Yu Jing brought:

Shang Ji LT Multi Rifle
Tai Sheng CoC Mk-12
Zuyong Combi Rifle
Hulang FD Combi Rifle
WarCor 360 visor

O-12 brought:
Ensign Cho LT
Lynx Spec Op
Sirius Hacker with bot
Varangian SMG x4
WarCor 360 visor

The O-12 commander gets first turn and apart from trying to open a panoply, uses the hidden deployment Lynx to shoot plasma at the assembled Haris, wounding the Zuyong and eliminating Tai Sheng, resulting in the Yu Jing commander not having a lot of heavy hitters apart from the Hulang. The O-12 commander also manages to isolate the Hulang via. a hack and the Yu Jing commander has an uphill battle trying to make something out of the situation until the end, resulting in an O-12 victory.

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Yu Jing deploys as shown above.

O-12 deploys as shown above, except for a hidden deployment Lynx on the left flank.

O-12 Turn 1:

The O-12 commander moves their warcore up, only to get flash pulsed themselves.
The O-12 commander then moves in the Sirious (dog) to the armoury to try and hack, spending 3 orders. The last one isolates the Hulang with Obliviate.
The O-12 commander then moves in Andromeda to try and open the boxes, spending 3 orders and not succeeding.
The O-12 commander, already in a good position, moves up the Lynx, Tai Sheng discovers, Lynx fires plasma carbine hits the Haris. Tai Sheng did not get to dodge as she declared discover. Tai got knocked out, Shang is prone but tanked it all with it's amour, Zuyong got wounded once.

Yu Jing Turn 1:

Being in a desperate position, the Yu Jing commander spends a command token to convert the irregular order from the warcor into a normal one (for the Hulang).
Hulang moves to peek into the amoury, Andromeda dodges a flamethrower and remains in same spot, Sirious (main person) spotlights but fails.
With three 3 orders left, the Yu Jing commander shoots with Shang twice, first misses, second gets 3 hits, one being a crit. 1/4 hits so she dies.
With one order left, the Yu Jing commander moves and shoots the Sirious (bot), but it dodges.
The Yu Jing commander spends an LT order and breaks what is left of the Haris, and moves to shoot the Sirious bot and it goes down.

O-12 Turn 2:

The O-12 commander spends a command token to convert an irregular order. and proceeds to re-camo the Lynx. The O-12 commander then moves the Lynx and the YJ commander chooses to delay. The Lynx fires but misses the Shang Ji. Using another order, the O-12 commander shoots the Shang Ji twice, but it fortunately tanks it all via. armour. Using yet another order, the O-12 commander shoots again and gets two crits, with the Shang Ji going unconscious, though not dead. Finally, the O-12 commander moves the Sirious (not the bot, the main one) and the YJ commander makes the Hulang dodge. Sadly, the O-12 commander gets the hack in on the Hulang with Carbonite and the Hulang gets immobilized.

With that, the O-12 commander moves the Lynx into the Armoury, to prevent YJ from dominating the Armoury points-wise.

YJ Turn 2:

Being in loss of LT, the Yu Jing commander tries to get the Hulang to reset but fails, and get's shot by the lynx and hacked by Sirious (not the bot) The Hulang gets Spotlighted by Sirious. The lynx hits him with the plasma carbine, one hit and the Hulang goes into NWI.
The YJ commander uses his warcor to move closer to the HVT's, and it get's flash-pulsed by the O-12 warcor.
Following this, the YJ commander moves his Zuyong into the amoury and into melee with the Lynx. The lynx and Sirious (main) shoots back. Both Sirious (with AP) and the lynx (plasma template) hit.
The template hits both the Zuyong and Hulang. The Hulang dies, but the Zuyong lives and tanks it like a champ.
Laura gains 2 points at the end of turn for dominating the Armoury.

O-12 Turn 3:

The O-12 commander spends a command token to convert an irregular order into a normal one.
The O-12 commander then uses more orders to move one of the two varangian teams into melee with the Zuyong, where they beserk and attack. The Zuyong valiantly defends and hits the leader of the Varangian team, but the Varangians hit better, with three hits, one of which is a crit. The Zuyong fails its armour save and sadly dies. However, since this was in a beserk state, the hit from the Zuyong was unopposed. Sadly, the Varangian passes their armour save and lives. The Lynx then gets moved to the panoply and finds an adhesive launcher (which the O-12 commander in question obsesses over to an unhealthy degree) The final orders are spent moving the lynx over to shoot the YJ WarCor with the adhesive launcher (which suceeds) and afterwards moving the lynx over to do in-extremis recovery on the unconscious Shang Ji, fulfilling a secondary objective, for which the O-12 commander got a point for.

YJ Turn 3:

The Yu Jing commander has no remaining units and can do nothing. The game ends and the O-12 commander gets 5 points for having had the most panoply items retrieved and for dominating the Armoury once again, getting a total of 8 points against the YJ commander's 0 points and wins the game.

This video seems fitting thanks to the Lynx.

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