Durgama Takeover


Greetings, Mayanauts.

Reporting from Studio D in Maya’s Metaphora virtual set. I am Sybilla and this… is Panorama.

Please, join me while we take a detailed look at the aftermath of the Durgama Campaign. I’ll be pleased to satisfy your thirst for information.

Our systems and Warcors are still providing data about the latest territorial conflict on Concilium Prima. Our experts have been collecting, analyzing and concluding a final lecture on this subject.

Please, allow me to list the major powers on this operations theater and paint a canvas with their colors.


The alien threat over the planet has not relented in their assault. The Evolved Intelligence unleashed a series of powerful strikes across all theaters of this campaign. 

With no ground to defend, the EIs agenda was an all-in invasion of our territory. While their presence was noticed in every combat zone, their focus on the Raveneye Orbital Station was terrifyingly effective.

Our tactical analysts insist that we should be thankful, because a better coordination of the efforts of the Combined Army during the campaign would have turned into a more dominant presence in the territorial struggle.

The EI delivered waves of attacks and simultaneously pushed the major powers to the brink of defeat.

Our intelligence reports highlight Commander Graviton  as a major leader for the faction, specially after his devestating victory at the Zebu research Center: Symbioresearch Labs.


We can affirm that the performance of the blue Hyperpower during the campaign was insubstantial, we can even highlight many moments where they had no impact on the outcome at certain locations. If we look at the campaign with a wider view, specially during Phase 2, we can extract the reading that their military delivery was at best underwhelming and at worst incompetent.

That was it… until the last days, when some kind of PanO Pride manifested and the “Hyperpower”, battered and bruised, managed to crawl out from the bottom of the losers pit. They managed to accomplish the highest scoring territorial victory of the whole campaign at Cameliard, the Teutonic Stronghold. Even at their lowest, PanO managed to summon the momentum to shine, and achieve a major win. Once again, it was as if God’s will was with them.

-”I’ve always said winning’s the great deodorant, and conversely, when you are losing, everything stinks; everything starts to unravel and everything falls apart.”- Statement by Commnader Berithh after his victory at the Reliquary.


    The State Empire has its enemies, the State Empire has its own agenda. The Durgama campaign begun with the Jade faction demonstrating two clear objectives: Defend their ground and humiliate PanO. We can confirm that both objectives were fulfilled.

    Phase 2 begun with the brilliant defence of the Xiandao location and an intense power struggle with Pan Oceania at Cameliard; the most intense spot on the map during the whole campaign. Yu Jing lost that location in a very tight final conflict. On the other hand, the Jade Empire did not lose their main furnace, while PanO obviously sacrificed the Bow section of Raveneye to focus on Cameliard.

    Many of our analysts insist on the role Yu Jing played during this campaign; describing it as the most succesful of the  human factions.

“Rewards for good service should not be deferred a single day.”- Said triumphantly Commander Yue Fei after his victory at Cameliard moments before the epic PanO comeback.


    Whoever had witnessed the role of Ariadna in previous campaigns may have noticed how different their behavior was when the Operation was on their home planet rather than when the action takes place away from it. What was WILDFIRE in Novyy Cimmeria was just a candle flame at the Raveneye.

    The Kosmoflot detachment were given specific instructions to defend the Raveneye starboard battery, and that is exactly what they did. No conquering, no territorial ambitions, no alliances, no negotiation. Whoever dared to enter the starboard battery was shot on sight with T2, AP, Shock, AD, EXP…

Commander Gijared at the Rail Cannon: -”I’m not saying that I know how to fix everything when the going gets tough, but I do know this: when the going goes tough, you don’t quit. And you don’t fold up. And you don’t go in the other direction.”


    The location experiencing the most conflict throughout the Durgama peninnsula was, by far, Darpan. Since day one, for some reason, the Xenostation became the hot spot for many factions, but no rivalry was bigger than the feud between Haqqislam & ALEPH.

    What begun as a breeze quickly escalated into a typhoon: the codename Operation Blackwind has been decrypted by our intelligence services.

Haqqislam can be regarded by our analysts as the best coordinated force, not only at Durgama, but also in previous campaigns. While we could say that Haqqislam did consolidate its presence on Darpan on Phase one, ALEPH responded with machine efficiency on Phase two: but both results are incredibly tight.

A statement by Commander Sarkis after his victory at Darpan Max Sec vault : “An army without its nation is easy prey for the enemy.”


    Probably the best performing force throughout the whole Campaign, ALEPH has surprised even the most sceptical of our analysts with excellent performance, leadership and rationality. Even more than we could expect from a cold soulless AI.

    There were moments during the campaign when ALEPH established a dominating presence within two theatres of operation: Gekidan, and even Darpan. Darpan was the most active battlefield, and the most difficult  to sustain a presence, but Aleph forces triumphed in the end; with unparalleled tenacity and endurance.

It is because of these achievements that our tactical experts concur – ALEPH is the true winner of the campaign, and Leader of the Human Sphere against the EI.

The statement by Commander Shamash : ”All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; and when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away.”


    Truth be told, we would probably have been facing a much darker scenario against the Combined Army if the Nomads were not there. Raveneye was the frontline and Nomads were the wall stopping the Alien threat.

Two different combat locations were successfully defended with plenty of pressure during Phase One, with undisputed dominance at the Port Battery on Phase Two. The Nomads presence and effectiveness has reached dissuasive potential at this point. Messing with them will lead to nothing but a constant drain of resources.

Commander Redshirt_Joe: -”This is our Railgun. You can look at it, you can take selfies is you want but this belongs to the Nomads nation. I don’t care about any paperwork, diplomatic agreement, hyperpower, bureau or alien parasite. The moment you stepped on the port battery you should have realized you are not at home. Look at me. Look at me…I’m at charge here.”


    While the presence of the Japanese at Durgama was small, their performance still deserves credit. The achievements the JSA accomplished has put them in the same league as other bigger factions with whole planets under their dominion. Our experts conclude that JSA finest moment was their retaliation against ALEPH during Phase One, Phase two was a defensive stance for the Japanese where established a solid wall against all other expansionist ambitions.

Wise words from Commander JustJoshing regarding competition: -”I know nothing about surpassing others. I only know how to outdo myself.”


The art of reading the events, the locations and recognizing weak spots. Even when the numbers are against them, the Tohaa excel at analysis and schemes. Zebu was a gift wrapped in incompetent defense and the Tohaa were able to take advantage on this on phase One.

It didn’t take long for more powerful factions to notice the path the Tohaa did trace and follow the same pattern. Once Zebu became a hot spot for a more intense struggle the Tohaa were out of the major picture. 

Strategy experts don’t hesitate when pointing at the tohaa as the smartest minds around when it comes to extracting the best results with the fewer resources.

-”We congratulate the Combiend Army for their victory at Zebu and the Raveneye Bow Section, and we do so because this exposes nothing but the sheer incompetence of a disorganized human defense. A change of leadership is needed if the Human Sphere expects to have a chance against the EI.“ Statement by Commander Nolimon at Zebu.


Zebu has been a nightmare for O-12 during the whole campaign. Not only their location was conquered but their secrets were also exposed. For some reason, Alien armies seem to have the minimum respect for an institution that is supposed to represent the best of Humanity’s goals. And this is why the constant pressure on Zebu has many different shades of meaning, and none of them allows the Human Sphere to extract a positive reading.

Commander Saber: -”We have chosen this path, even if it leads to fear, shattered fortresses and fallen friends. We’ve chosen to defend Zebu against a superior enemy even if that means tasting the bitterness of defeat. We do this because it is the right thing to do. The path of truth. Nothing but truth.”

Thank you so much to all Commanders.
It has been a great experience. Thanks to everything you add to make wargaming such a joy to behold.

I wish you the best.



  • Wizzy says:

    It was a great campaign, too bad I missed the 2nd week due to an internet outage.

  • Overdust says:

    It was to short, but thanks to all what happened I remenbered how fun all this can be. Looking forward for other initiatives like this. Carlos, can we tone it down with the PanO hate? Isn’t this suppose to be a more neutral take on the efforts of the campaign? Everyone did thier best cause they love the game and it’s really not cool if you treat a faction that people love, like that. I know that you are bias, but please don’t make your players feel unwelcomed. The PanO hate is wearing me down :/

  • Space Ranger says:

    I only got to play one game but the whole thing was really fun. Hope next year it is a bit longer.

  • Santyago_s says:

    Thank you for a great (albeit short-lived) campaign!

  • Epistaxis says:

    Holy crap, we won?!?!?!?!?!?!? Well done, Team ALEPH!

  • Juarez says:

    Who decided nomads would be sent to the station as cannon fodder for humanity’s defense?
    I’ve been warning about ALEPH and their puppets, but was on Arachne so only nomads knew about it!
    Oops, next time I’ll publish my comments both in Arachne and Maya.

    It is sad to see how the ‘Hyperpower’ engaged in combat with Yuying instead of defending their location against Combined Army.
    I wonder if the shasvasti infiltration is so big they are able to divert Panoceanian forces…

  • Chainer says:

    ALEPH? really? they lost one of their bases, the IE took two of the human bases (one in space, one in land) and ALEPH is the winner? Come on…

    Thank you for the camping by the way, i really enjoy this campings, see you next year!!!

    ALEPH…. ppff…

  • Wiggs says:

    Go Nomads! Nice job!

  • Nikopano says:

    Somebody have seen any Yu-Jing fighting against CA in phase 2?

    It is clear that YJ has been infiltrated and are now under the control of CA!
    YJ are Traitors to Mankind and they will be judge for that treason!

  • Yue Fei says:

    Haha, all the bragging from Pan O after they “won” Cameliard by a starting point and one barely reported battle. Bring on the AI Historian!

  • Kwapple says:

    YJ, Nomads and Haq worked against the sphere from the start! YJ have been infiltrated! They are a puppet of the EI!

  • Sarkis says:

    I stand by my words, Operation Blackwind was a necessary evil for the greater good of the Sphere.

    Congratulations to all commanders, looking forward to seeing you all again in the next campaign!

  • ikon says:

    That was great fun, no when is the Next one where Yu Jing cements the true title of “The Hyperpower”?

  • Nolimon says:

    Learn from us, you Humans are chaotic. We will give you all of our wisdom to exalt you to another Level of conciousness. So we can fight together against the EI.

  • MErcurE says:

    As others campaigns that was soooo cool, maybe a little too short, but it was cool !
    Thanks for organised it. will wait the next one so bad.

  • Fast Panda Gaming says:

    Great to be a part of the campaign and it was loads of fun

  • Kuriga says:

    Yu Jing should face consequence for their betrayal of humanity and indifference to the alien invasion.

  • Shamash says:

    Congratulations to everyone, and thank you for a great campaign!

  • Mandrake says:

    It was a pleasure, Commanders! Thank you all for this experience.

  • Judas laPoubelle says:

    Candleflame at the Raveneye? CANdleFLame at the Raveneye! ..I’ll have you know. .. .. .. .yeh ok. we had hot showers,a recroom ,a few crates of alcohol and an ice cream maker attached to the railgun cooling system. it wasn’t the worst place to be .. and orders are orders.

  • Drunkergnom says:

    We need to disarm PanO. They lost bow! Give their budgets to us, we need it!

  • Coccy says:

    Congratulation to everyone! Now, with your permission I need a drink and a good cigar

  • Artist says:

    wow this is like real media, Yu jing wasn’t the most successful, haqqislam was, haqqislam did exactly the same thing yu jing did exempt there homes where completely impenetrable and their offensive against a foe that performed best in the campaign, how is beating up PanO more successful when yu jing has to fend off invader at home as well.
    RP/opinions aside.

    i had fun tho in the campaign.

  • Bladerunner_35 says:

    I love you Bostria!

  • Snake_Eater51 says:

    Despite the backstabbing of the jade menace, the Hyperpower prevailed!

    Glory to humanity! Glory to PanO!

  • chaospanda says:

    Although short, it was a good opportunity to revive a local group of players.

  • Jun Han says:

    Congrats to all commanders! This campaign has been fun!

  • AlphaStrike says:

    Deus Vult!

  • thepoorman says:

    Congrats to my sparring partner Shamash!

  • Saber117 says:

    O-12 will learn from this loss and come back more organized, we will show these alien aggressors the true power of a united Humanity!

    Thanks for all the fun commanders!

  • Lady Numiria says:

    Congratulations to all Commanders, good job everyone!

  • Graviton says:

    Durgama and its secrets belong to the EI

  • Ba Fashas says:

    We shall strike again! Power to the Combined Army!

  • Kortz says:

    Glad to ,once again, be part of this event fun and where Infinity shines the most.
    Glory to Aleph! Humanity greatest Ally.

  • Husker says:

    Great work Berithh! Congratulations to above commanders and those who put the effort into this short campaign!

  • Danger Rose says:

    Congratulations to all highlighted Commanders!

  • McKaptain says:

    These online campaigns are my favorite event in the hobby.

  • Berithh says:

    Thank you for the shout out! Genuinely appreciate that.

    Hope everyone had fun this campaign.