Durgama Takeover


Greeeetings, everyone!
Reporting LIVE from Studio C in Bakunin’s Supahgreen modul, it’s your favourite host: Rhod Bozzo!
We have stories, heroics, harmonics & electronics from…. (what’s the name again?) DURGAMAAA!!!
The green peninsula from Concilum Prima that is becoming the hotspot for all kind of military operations and, when I say hot, you can bet your ass that it’s hot, HOT, HOT!!!

Here you will find our Warcors reports and their camera drone footage which will be Borrrring!!!. But rejoice I’ll be back at five with a nine hour special… about me!!!

The most dominating human faction from phase one continues its power struggle against Haqqislam at Darpan Maximum Security vault. There is no clear advantage for any of the contenders since ALEPH is also involved in a territorial conflict at Gekidan with the JSA who are rightfully claiming its location.
This split focus might be the only tactical miscalculation in what seems to be the most brilliant episode in ALEPH’s history in these kinds of conflicts.

In a denial propaganda manouver, the Algorythm known as Tactical Subroutine MM-3639-Beta has dropped the following statement: -”There have been no remarkable hostile interactions with the Haqqislam forces. And our lines of communication with Haqq commanders remain open, as they should be. My second focus is maintaining security at the Vault itself. In concert with forces from our allies, our troops have set up defensive’s positions around the Darpan Xenostation.”

Bending ALEPH’s strong arm is not an easy prospect. That is what the Haqqislam commanders have accomplished, not only with tactics and strategy, but also with a wise and virtuous display of diplomatic skills.
Apart from thier undisputed dominance at the Alfutna hangar area, Darpan seems to be the most active spot on the ground and Haqqislam has proudly planted their flag upon it.

Commnader Perzan: “The situation is still very dangerous, very dynamic, and very fluid. And all of us can be proud for the commanders, soldiers, operatives, specialists, and tactical assets who are executing this mission. They are currently in harm’s way. That needs to be our focus. There will be plenty of time to do AARs, but right now our mission is to secure that location, defend that spot, and exfiltrate any HVT that our comlog shows.”


After their heroic defense of Raveneye during Phase One, the Nomads seem to have earned certain confidence at their location. The Raveneye Port Battery Rail Cannon seems secure and undisputed at the moment.

Our experts still debate if their Static role while in this phase is due to recovering after the loss and stress of the previous power struggle against CA or just lack of ambition. They are Nomads after all, they might be scavenging the debris right now.

Commander Bassman: -“The timeframe of a rapid collapse was widely estimated and ranged from weeks to months. There was nothing that indicated a collapse of this station in 11 days. One of those contingencies is what we are executing right now. Right now, we have to focus on this mission because we have soldiers at risk.”


Dark hours for the Hyperpower. Humiliated and absolutely out of the general picture at this theater. We’ve never seen PanO at this low before in this campaigns.

The Combined Army has occupied the Raveneye Bow Section and Cameliard is now in the hands of long time rival Yu Jing. 

If “Deus Vult” is the Military Orders motto, we can conclude that right now God is not on their side.

Classic Commander Luisjoey: -”The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”


The Alien threat is here and has conquered the Raveneye Bow Section from no other primary color than PanO itself!

The most intense presence at the campaign, scoring high above any other faction, has finally established a solid position at the Raveneye orbital station. If the Combined Army gains control over those rail cannons the human orbital superiority on Concilium will be lost.

The following transmission was decrypted by our experts and has been attributed to Commander ShroudedWasabi, an CA High Ranked officer: -”If it had been our intention to take Durgama, if it had been our intention to destroy the region, if it had been our intention to overrun the area, we could have done it unopposed.”

The Kosmoflot detachment at Raveneye Starboard battery has proven to be a reliable force for O-12 officers to delegate defense functions. Starboard battery seems secured by the Ariadnan forces and every external attempt at trying to establish control at it has been frustrated by low tech units with extremely dangerous displays of ammuniton.

-”We should be careful when using our guns because they can easily create serious hull damage, and that creates void, and that’s dangerous. We’ve also seen attempts on infiltration from above… but it’s hard to explain because there is no above in 0-G… and… blood tends to float as spheres which is funny… , sorry, can we make another take?“- extract from an interview attempt with Commander MooingFish after victory at Starboard Rail Cannon.


The Zebu investigation center has been the tip of the iceberg for the Tohaa, who have discovered secret research of biological weapons against their species. Considered a minor power after the events on the Daedalus Fall, the Tohaa struggle for a major role in the Human Sphere. Obtaining evidence of the disrespectful behavior from Bureau aegis might give them the political higher ground to obtain much needed privileges for their suvivors.

Commander King_of_Giraffe: -”Far better it is to dare against the dominant powers, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”


Bureau Aegis is not projecting the control presence they would have wished during a situation like this. Concilium is at stake. The political consequences of losing Durgama will resonate long after this campaign is over and their leadership is seriously questioned.

Concilium is a symbol, an achievement of what a united humanity can be. The witnessing of this planet being severely damaged after an invasion is a view for moral debacle and the foreshadowing of a darker horizon.

-”We have successfully defended Zebu and it will remain that way. Any other view on this subject is an outrageous propaganda attempt by the media and its hidden agenda. Maybe I should be the one asking questions here.” Extract from an awkward interview with Commander Vanderbane.

The Gekidan research park continues to be heavily defended by the Japanese Secessionist Army against ALEPH. It’s a tight duel with both forces delivering their best.
Our experts agree on pointing towards an alliance between JSA and Haqqislam that appears to have frustrated the territorial ambitions of ALEPH in the region.
The strategy seems to be working so far, since the split in focus is draining ALEPH resources on the field day by day.

“And amidst the rising sun, let it be known that the nipponese defended their honor, their place and their code..” – Commander Ashtaroth, Durgama Archive-0001

The State Empire continues its glorious path of military excellence and territorial dominance in the campaign.
While the Xiandao location seems secure and undisputed, Cameliard shines proudly under the loving fist of the imperial forces.

-”No citizen should fear the Alien invasion here at Cameliard. The moment our boots stepped into the zone was the moment any other army, faction, mercenary company or hyperpower understood that this spot is under the Jade Empire care program & protection and nothing was going to change that.” Statement made by Commander Jun Han while stepping over the head of the statue in Teutonic Square.


  • Overdust says:

    Pitty it’s over, could do a lot more. Let us hope that CA can be stopped in the near future.

  • McKaptain says:

    Excellent campaign everyone.

  • Kjaldir says:

    So the Hyperpower could turn the tide ^^

  • Graviton says:

    Durgama belongs to the EI. Join us and prosper, or resist us and be destroyed.

  • Mentor_Rasht says:

    Combined are the only international organization anyone needs! Eat space rocks O-12

  • Fari says:

    Glory to the Shasvastii Continuum. Glory to the Evovled Inteligence. We are your saviors. Open your eyes!!!

  • Tartaron says:

    One has to wonder if Yu Jing allied with Combined Army to quench their thirst for power and PanO territory or it’s just that their morals are so low as to hit PanO instead of showing real leadership by fighting the real enemy.

  • Rot_Sechs says:

    Cb has to recoqnize the alliance of pano, jsa, ariadna and o12. A coordinated effort was made to against ca on both zebu and bow. Those cant be counted for ca as wins at all. Ans i doubt the tohaa wouldnt give ground to humanity for the sake of beating back ca Humanity might not be united but it surely held firm against the ca threat.

  • Marduck says:

    Despite overhelming odds, history shall remember that eternal japan held the line.

    In the hot summer
    Sake must be drank
    When it is fresh

  • Cmdr. Philip von Kruse says:

    One has to wonder if PanO has lost their minds, throwing themselves at Cameliard when the same number of points could have seen them drive away Combined Army. Their priorities when it comes to their territories seems rather skewed. I suppose this is as good as one can expect from the “hyperpower”. Leaving the door open to the enemies of all mankind to contest an area that Yu Jing secured when the Combined Army came knocking, since PanO wasn’t home at the time.

  • Perzan says:

    I have to figure out what a “Commnader” is

  • Perzan says:

    Look at me! I am canon now!

  • Spitfire_TheCat says:

    Maybe PanO changed their “deus” … to Loseroneous, the god of losers and now they are trying to appease him … by losing.

  • Jun Han says:

    For the glory of the Jade Empire! For the people and our esteemed Emperor!

  • Luisjoey says:

    Yes i say that!

    but it lacks veracity without the #DEUSVULT hashtag 😀

  • Kesharq says:

    This Bakunin newsspeaker might have mistaken the saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” for an Alliance between Haqqislam and Aleph at Gekidan.

  • Vanderbane says:

    Uh oh… gonna have to fill out paperwork. I thought this interview was on background and off the record!!

  • MoonTan says:

    The Haqq High command had obviously been compromised by Shasvastii Infiltrators, and is doing the work of the EI. Definitely NOT super green!
    Unless of course they’re just doing it for the money? “GIMME THE CASHHHHH!!!”

  • theGricks says:

    Who is Panoceania? I can’t say I have seen them around…

  • Archon says:

    Whats up with Pan O – all on holiday on Varuna?

  • Ruyi says:

    The DDC stands strong! Glory to the State Empire, let our enemies tremble before the night of humanity!

  • Death2.0 says:

    We have a secret alliance with haq? I didn’t know that there was a way to make an alliance without the councils permission or knowledge?

  • Wei Liang says:

    Glory to the StateEmpire! Victory to the DDC! For the People! For the Emperor!

  • Cazboab says:

    The secret alliance between two nations so secret even their own high command’s don’t know about it…

  • Duke says:

    I look forward to reviewing the reports from the other theatres of battle. Ariadna stands with the human sphere! Now get off our Dawn.

  • Danger Rose says:

    Congratulations to all highlighted Commanders!

  • I am highly concerned about Zebu’s biohazard situation. It should be under the control of Tohaa that actually has ability to handle properly. O-12’s desire for maintaining influence is poisoning our community against Combined Army.

  • Imp says:

    012 will keep fighting to hold and consolidated our position on Zebu. But in the same time we cannot abbandonned to AC a part of the Raveneye station…

  • Thanan Rollice says:

    PanOceania is continuing to fight! We are not broken yet!

  • Cmdr. Philip von Kruse says:

    For all its bluster of “hyperpower” and supposed claims to defend the human sphere, it seems the knights of the Military Order should all get the title of “Sir Robin” because they bravely ran away. Clearly, the only reliable powers are those of the Durgama Defence Coalition. All hail the State Empire!

  • Diomedes says:

    The swift and deadly blade of Haqqislam will surely prevail!

  • Jem says:

    Viva Haqq

  • Tristan228 says:

    It’s time to finally set off the cutting charges on the bow of the Raveneye so that this useless appendix burns up in the atmosphere. I mean our EVAders don’t do stuff like that for fun, well… most of the time

  • Lieutenant Liberty says:

    Poor O-12 leadership!? O-12 has been working tirelessly to defend their home planet. Now is not the time to be questioning such things. We have evil aliens on the loose.

  • Judas laPoubelle says:

    Have no fear,Ariadna is here!

  • thepoorman says:

    Looking at the PanO update and wincing.

  • Shiwen says:

    The StateEmpire’s rightful ascent to leadership of the Human Sphere continues unabated!

  • Kaminu says:

    WHOA JSA does not have a secret alliance with HAQ!!!

  • Mandrake says:

    It’s not over ’til it’s over!

  • Mentor_Rasht says:

    We enjoyed invading Concillium so much were gonna do it again from the Raveneye! All hail the EI!