Durgama Takeover


“Greetings, Gentlemen.

There is a great deal of information flooding our networks, but as far as we can see, these were the events that led up to our current situation.

The Beaches of Sphatika have suddenly been occupied by forces belonging to the Combined Army – specifically Morats. They were transported there by some sort of unknown amphibious vehicle. The forces of the Concilium Planetary Defense Force (CPDF) were successful in their response and prevented them from establishing a solid beachhead point. It was far too easy.

In a matter of hours we were able to conclude that the whole skirmish was just a mere diversion, a misleading operation by the Evolved Intelligence to distract our forces and to tie up our resources.

Meanwhile the main Morat forces were being deployed at the Durgama Central Coastline with relative ease. Those aggressive, red-faced apes were able to capture the aeronaval monitoring bases at Śikala and Praharī.

We were tricked and humiliated. We fell behind, out-maneuvered, without the initiative.

The Morat Aggression Forces then focused the second part of their strategy: Advance to Cameliard.

From their current position here, they will have a relatively easy path to the PanOceanian city once they have made their way through the dense part of the Durgama Peninsula – characterized by its mountains covered in jungle, a twisted mass of rocky ridges, and ravines thick with vegetation.

That’s where we make our stand.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Military Orders, CPDF and SWORDFOR defense forces we were able to stop their advance at Chāgala Pass. However, let’s avoid congratulating ourselves about this. A successful skirmish does not win the war, and assure the survival of humanity.

I’m here because we need our best. We are reaching a critical point against the Combined Army presence at Concilium Prima. All that stands between innocent civilians and those wild monkeys is just us.

And let’s hope our colleagues at the RavenEye Orbital Station keep the armoured junk working up there, because if we loose Air superiority – this situation could get even worse.

Briefing room extract by Ensign James McTiernan
Psi Unit, Bureau Aegis’ Intelligence service.